October 18, 2021

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Battery Reviews & Chargers

Our charger and battery reviews for cordless tools evaluate battery packs, battery chargers, and other technologies and accessories. We tackle cordless batteries, chargers, and accessories for everything from 3.6V to 120V systems. A few years ago we would have said from 3.6V to 36V. Recently, however, advances in outdoor power equipment have yielded battery packs with much higher voltages. Add new products like DeWalt FlexVolt technology, and you can see there is a lot of room for adept battery reviews. Even the new Milwaukee 9.0 Ah High Demand battery shook up the market with power reserves never before seen in cordless power tools. Chargers and Battery Reviews for Tradesmen For the average tradesmen, they want a battery that will last. A lot of times that goes along with the tool being used. Other times, however, a superior battery platform can also bring the best out of a cordless tool. Better batteries bring longer run-times and more power (thanks to higher power densities in lithium-ion batteries). When new battery technology and products come out, we let you know with our battery reviews and break down the facts.

Black & Decker 18V Hard Surface Sweeper & Blower Review

Black and Decker NS118 18V Blower Review

If you have decks, patios, porches, sidewalks and garages that need to be swept a lot; then chances are that the Black & Decker NS118 18-Volt Cordless Hard Surface Sweeper & Blower might work well for you. With a cordless and compact design, this powered sweeper is easy to maneuver and requires much less effort then a traditional outdoor broom.

Craftsman QuickBoost Charger Preview

Craftsman QuickBoost Charger Preview

The Craftsman brand debuted a one-of-a-kind, time-saving technology for its cordless line of 12-volt lithium-ion NEXTEC power tools this week at the 2011 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando. With its new QuickBoost Charger, Craftsman is doing something that no other major brand is at least claiming to be able to do: bring a completely dead battery back up to a 25 percent charge in three minutes. This is to provide the extra “boost” needed to finish up the job at hand.

Lithium Ion Batteries that Recharge in 1 Minute?!

Nanoscoop Lithium Ion Batteries Recharge in 1 Minute?!

Within the last two months, Nexeon (an Oxfordshire-based research group) produced a record-breaking 18650 Li-ion cells with a capacity of 3.2Ah using its very own silicon anode technology. These Nanoscoop Lithium ion batteries recharge in 1 Minute! The team came up with a nanostructure they are dubbing a “nanoscoop” – and it really does resemble an ice cream […]

Black & Decker CHV1510 15.6V Cordless Dustbuster Preview

Black & Decker CHV1510 15.6V Cordless Dustbuster Preview

Black & Decker launched a redesigned line of one of its most well-known products, the DustBuster. It was over 30 years ago when Black & Decker debuted the original cordless hand vac that has now become ubiquitous to homeowners across America. The redesigned Dustbuster line promises to be just as popular with five models in sizes, features and colors to fit every lifestyle. The one we’re looking at today is the 15.6V CHV1510 Cordless Hand Vac (CHV).