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Our cordless impact driver and cordless drill reviews cover all voltage levels. We review 12V, 18V (20V), and 36V models. We also rated the most powerful cordless drills through head-to-head comparative testing. When Pros want to upgrade their systems its often difficult to know where to go? The colors (and our tendency to be brand-minded) can subjectively influence your choice of hammer drill or impact driver. We take our cordless drill reviews and our impact driver reviews very seriously. Without an objective testing source, you may just end up getting t tool that’s not the right fit for your needs.

Pros Can Trust Our Cordless Drill Reviews

We not only test power, we look at run-time, vibration, and ergonomics. The best cordless drill for one may not be the same for another. Our drill and driver reviews take that into account, testing various torque and speed scenarios. Our individual cordless drill reviews are thorough, and break down the build quality, features, feel, and performance of each tool.