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If you haven’t yet used a cordless nailer you’re missing out. Our cordless nailer reviews put these non-pneumatic nailers and nail guns into the hands of Pros. We try and see if they can hold up to the rigors of jobsite abuse. While many of these products aren’t as lightweight as their pneumatic counterparts, there are distinct advantages. Our nailer reviews test gas models and battery-powered tools for how they fit into a contractor’s daily work. For the fuel models, advances such as new Paslode framing fuel allow for better use in cold temperatures. The same goes for better li-ion batteries. Cordless Nailer Reviews for Roofing, Trim, and More The thing with new cordless nailers is that they can tackle a wide variety of applications. New products have come to market from Milwaukee, Makita, Paslode, RYOBI, DeWalt, and others. These products include cordless trim nailers, framing nailers, pinners, and even cordless roofing nailers like the Paslode CR175C. For punch lists and interior trim carpentry, our cordless nailer reviews have been consistent. Also, these tools can really save on setup and teardown time.

Senco F-35FRHXP Cordless Framing Nailer

Senco Releases First Full Round Head Cordless Framing Nailer Senco has announced that coming later this month, they’ll release their first full round head cordless framing nailer. The Senco F-35FRHXP Framing Nailer joins the already-robust line of nailers, with this cordless model utilizing the proprietary Fusion technology to drive up to 3-1/2 full round head, […]

Milwaukee Second-Generation 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Video Review

Milwaukee Gen 2 M18 Fuel 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Video Review

The newly updated Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer improves both visibility and rate of fire. No small update, this tool truly feels and operates like a complete redesign. Using it at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS19 Media Event, we experienced fast firing with zero ramp-up delay. Similar to the way the Hitachi cordless framing nailer operates, the battery […]

DeWalt 20V Cordless Strap Nailer

Pneumatic vs Cordless Nailers: What’s the Best Choice?

We’ve been reviewing cordless finish nailers for many years now. In fact, many products are in their second or even third generation of tools. Still, should you jump in and pick up one of these battery-powered nailers? In an effort to keep you from spending your hard-earned money on something that sounds too good to […]

Worx Cordless Finish Nailer

Worx WX840L Cordless Finish Nailer and Stapler

Worx Unleashes Their First Cordless Nailer on the DIY World To us, the cordless nailer seems perfect for DIYers. It forgoes the compressor and gives the maximum amount of freedom. It also definitely beats using a hammer and nails when dealing with projects around the house. Worx has added the WX840L 18-gauge Finish Nailer and […]

Metabo HPT Duplex Nailer

Metabo HPT Cordless Duplex Nailer

Metabo HPT Expands MultiVolt Lineup with Industry-First Cordless Duplex Nailer Metabo HPT (the artist formerly known as Hitachi) has a pretty solid reputation for making excellent nailers. That being the case, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’ve continued to innovate by releasing an industry-first: the Metabo HPT Cordless Duplex Nailer. It runs on the brand’s […]

Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

Can Senco’s Fusion Technology Bridge the Gap Between Cordless and Pneumatic? Senco has a rich history in the world of framing nailers, and that history remains firmly grounded in air-powered products. Times, they are a-changing, because Senco has announced the release of the F-35XP, its first battery-powered framer. This 18V cordless framing nailer is built […]

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Narrow Crown Stapler

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Narrow Crown Stapler

Pro carpenters and tradesmen will love the Milwaukee 2749-20 M18 FUEL Narrow Crown Stapler. We got our hands on it at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS19 Media Event. This marks a first-generation cordless narrow crown stapler for Milwaukee Tool. Having asked been one of many asking for this stapler, I’m excited to see it finally come […]

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga brad nailer

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer 2746-21CT

The second-generation 18ga finish nailer from Milwaukee Tool boasts a whole new redesign. The new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer improves both visibility and the rate of fire. No small update, this tool truly feels and operates like a completely new tool. Using it at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS19 Media Event, we experienced fast […]

DeWalt Cordless Fencing Stapler

DeWalt Cordless Fencing Stapler – 20V and No Gas!

Having reviewed the excellent Paslode cordless fence post stapler, we wondered when a battery-only model would arrive. Users can now use the Dewalt Cordless Fencing Stapler (DCFS950) to install various types of agricultural fencing. Following the DeWalt 20V cable stapler, the company seems to be on a roll. The new 20V tool uses no gas […]

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Hitachi Cordless Brad Nailer

Hitachi Cordless Brad Nailer Review

Before I really get into this review, let me tell you a story. It’s called, “The Hitachi Cordless Brad Nailer: A Love Story in Three Short Paragraphs.” As an on-site, custom woodworker, the idea of “cutting the cord” has always appealed to me. Rather than having to drag out multiple tools from the van, making […]