May 17, 2021

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Masonry & Concrete Tool Reviews

Concrete guys have their own way of doing things. This modernized art form is impressive to behold. Watch a mason do his work, and you’ll see something that comes from an age long passed. The two are very similar and yet so very different. Our concrete tool reviews and articles attempt to help these craftsmen identify the tools that help make their work easier. Our concrete tool reviews also bring to light which new products will work well to help tradesmen in these fields adhere to the latest standards. From DeWalt dust systems and shrouds to the Bosch RH1255VC SDS-Max rotary hammer, concrete tools are getting better. Concrete Tool Reviews and Accessories These tools are also getting safer to use. With new OSHA dust mitigation rules taking effect, the use of dust shrouds and HEPA vacuums is mandatory. Having tools that perform well with these accessories makes all the difference. Our concrete tool reviews take this into account, even as they test the latest and greatest tools for performance and durability.

Alchemco TechCrete 2500

Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Concrete Waterproofing Agent

Spray-Apply 30+ Years of Waterproofing in One Application Unlike surface treatments that sit on top of the surface of your concrete structure to form a protective layer, the Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent works from within to protect your concrete from the deteriorating effects of water. According to Peter Kesser, Alchemco Global Sales Director for […]

Review9.8(out of 10)
iQ Power Tools iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor

iQ Power Tools iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor Review

Dust extraction makes for a key component to nearly any commercial construction job. Recently, we witnessed the full renovation and remodeling of a downtown brewery into a modern-day food hall. Nearly the entire space required polishing of the concrete floors using a commercial floor grinder. That kind of grinding requires plenty of suction—not to mention […]

DeWalt FlexVolt 2-inch SDS Max Combination Hammer

DeWalt FlexVolt 2-inch SDS Max Combination Hammer Hands-on Review

With 19.4 joules of impact energy, the DeWalt FlexVolt 2-inch SDS Max Combination Hammer is currently the king of its cordless category. While it proves to bring quick demolition to concrete whether chipping or drilling, its safety and anti-vibration features make it easy on the user. We used it to remove a rebar-reinforced concrete-filled cinderblock […]

Husqvarna DM 400 and DM 430 Drill Motors

Husqvarna DM 400 and DM 430 Drill Motors

New Husqvarna Drill Motors Combine Performance and Connectivity Husqvarna has redesigned the DM 400 and DM 430 Drill Motors. The design allows the new motors to withstand the toughest drilling applications while still maintaining a footprint that lets you put it exactly where you need it. With new smart features, Husqvarna is so confident in […]

DeWalt DCH614 SDS-Max Combination Hammer

DeWalt Cordless 1-3/4″ Combination Hammer DCH614 | Hands-on Testing

DeWalt’s New Cordless Combination Hammer Handles the Toughest Concrete We got our hands on the DeWalt Cordless 1-3/4″ Combination Hammer at the 2020 World of Concrete. This tool marks the latest addition to the growing lineup of DeWalt cordless SDS Max rotary hammers. The DeWalt DCH614 SDS-Max combination hammer runs off the company’s 60V FlexVolt […]

Makita 18V X2 LXT AVT Power Scraper XKH01

Makita 18V LXT AVT Power Scraper XKH01 Hands-on

Makita Chips Away at Expanding its Cordless Line One of the emerging technologies that seemed to be all the rage at this past World of Concrete Event is the lighter-duty cordless concrete breaker/demo hammer/rotary hammer. We got our hands on Makita‘s own version, the XKH01 18V X2 LXT AVT Power Scraper. It might just be […]

Hilti TE 500-A36 cordless breaker

Hilti Cordless Breaker with AVR | TE 500-A36 Hands-on

Hilti Shows Off New Cordless Concrete Breaker We had a chance to test out the new Hilti TE 500-A36 cordless concrete breaker at the 2020 World of Concrete. The new Hilti breaker does all of the “heavy lifting” you need from a concrete breaker, but it does it with a 36V battery to give you […]

Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter XEC01

Those looking for a cordless and OSHA-approved solution to power cutting through concrete, keep your eyes peeled this spring. The XEC01 Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter, which made its debut at this year’s 2020 World of Concrete, looks like it should tick all of the major boxes. Is the Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter as […]

Bay Lynx Titan Volumetric Concrete Mixer

Bay-Lynx Titan Volumetric Concrete Mixer | App-Controlled Pouring

Bay-Lynx Titan Gets Complete Redesign Bay-Lynx has just announced the newest edition to its line of construction equipment, the Titan Volumetric Concrete Mixer. The redesigned Titan, Bay-Lynx promises, is stronger, lighter, and smarter than your current options. How is the Bay-Lynx Titan Better? One of the primary features of the Bay-Lynx Titan redesign is the […]

Metabo Expands Rotary Hammer Line with New Brushless Options

Metabo Expands Rotary Hammer Line with New Brushless Options

Metabo Rotary Hammers Now Include Brushless AC Options The expanding Metabo line of cordless rotary hammers not only offers new models to choose from but also brushless motors to extend the service life and boost performance. Metabo AC Brushless Rotary Hammer Highlights The new Metabo combination hammers feature hammer drilling, drilling, and chisel functions. With […]