May 14, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Plumbers Tool Reviews

Of the trades, plumbing is both respected and feared. You can’t argue that you have tradesmen good at this job, or Pros who would rather do anything else. Our plumbers tool reviews target professionals and help them know which new products are helpful in real-world jobs. We cover power tools like the Milwaukee M18 Force Logic brushless press tool and Milwaukee M12 ProPEX installation tool. We also test hand tools such as the Ridgid Close Quarters PEX crimp tools and the BernzOmatic Quickfire Torch. Then there are articles which over important topics like comparing copper piping vs PEX tubing. How We Do Plumbers Tool Reviews Our plumbers tool reviews frequently use professionals who do plumbing jobs every day. Put a new tool into their hands and you find out very quickly if it holds up. Plumbers may have a lot of patience when tracking down leaks, but they don’t tolerate a bad tool for long. Some of the best experiences we have involve handing these Pros new hand tools designed to save time. When they work, we see huge smiles (and they see dollar signs as they save time on the job). That’s a big win for everybody.

Crescent K9 Angle-Access Jaws Pipe Wrenches

Tough Angles? No Problem for Crescent K9 Angle Access Jaws Plumbers don’t often get the most ideal workspaces. In fact, it’s rare when they get unrestricted access to, say, a leaky pipe. Rather, plumbers often have to find the leverage they need from harsh angles, which often results in the wrench slipping off the pipe […]

Milwaukee Cable Drive

Milwaukee Cable Drive Assembly for Switch Pack Sectional Drum System

Milwaukee Adds a Cable Drive to the Switch Pack Family Plumbers already experiencing the magic that the M18 Fuel Switch Pack sectional drum system brings to the job site now have something else to get excited about. The Milwaukee cable drive assembly (model 47-53-2774) attaches to the Switch Pack to provide Pros the ability to […]

Infinity Drain Linear Drain

Infinity Drain Linear Drain Adds Universal Compatibility

Put a Linear Drain Anywhere Infinity Drain has simplified barrier-free bathroom design with the recently released Universal Infinity Drain. The new linear drain design is compatible with every type of waterproofing method. The universal kit features a pitched channel with a clamping collar, and Infinity Drain gives you the option of a tile insert frame […]

Ridgid FlexShaft Drain Cleaning machine

Ridgid FlexShaft K9-306 Drain Cleaning Machine

Complete Two Jobs at Once Using Ridgid FlexShaft The Emerson branch of the Ridgid brand introduces the FlexShaft K9-306 Drain Cleaning Machine. The new drain cleaner tackles 3-6 inch pipes up to 125 feet, bringing wall-to-wall cleaning to your jobsite. Plus, with the ability to simultaneously run an inspection camera, you can effectively complete two […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Pipe Threader 2874-20

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Pipe Threader Review 2874-20

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Pipe Threader proves capable of carving out threads in a matter of seconds on stainless, black iron, and RMC up to two inches. Keeping its promises, it beat the thirty-plus-year-old manual threader in our shop by a long shot. The side grip eliminates pushing on the spinning die—making it superior […]

difference between cpvc and pex

Milwaukee Press Tools Have New Pex Crimp Jaws

Milwaukee Expands Force Logic Line with New PEX Crimp Jaws Starting next month, Milwaukee will expand the capability of the M12 and M18 Force Logic Press Tools with the addition of PEX crimp jaws for F1807 and F2159 PEX. Flex Your Pex Milwaukee has engineered the new PEX Crimp Jaws to provide users with a […]

Ryobi 18V One+ Cordless Band Saw P590

Ryobi 18V One+ Cordless Band Saw P590 Review

Ryobi 18V One+ Cordless Band Saw Fills a Long-Requested Need The Ryobi 18V One+ cordless band saw has been one of the most-requested in their lineup tools for years. The P590 is finally here and we’ve been cutting a whole lot of metal and PVC with it. Pros Good cutting speed Cordless convenience at a […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall Review

Reciprocating saws – or Sawzalls are they as known around the industry – are not usually a Pro’s favorite tool to use each day. They’re aggressive, rough tools that can fatigue you quickly if you’re not used to them. Smaller models like the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall offer some relief to your hands and arms […]

Ridgid StrutSlayr - Strut Your Stuff Without the Prefab

Ridgid StrutSlayr – Strut Your Stuff Without the Prefab

Ridgid StrutSlayr Cuts Strut to Size in 5 Seconds or Less in the Field The new Ridgid StrutSlayr is a strut shear head designed to help you make cuts in the field. Using the Ridgid RP 340 or RP 330 Press Tools as a power source, its claim to fame is the ability to make […]

Klein Borescope

Klein Borescope Inspection Camera

Watch Exciting Episodes of Your Jobsite From Your Phone With the Klein Borescope Inspection Camera The Klein Borescope Inspection Camera casts images directly to your Android or iPhone devices via a WiFi connection instead of using an onboard display. Depending on your comfort with technology, it might just be a big step forward for your […]