Crescent Vortex Bit Holder Review

Crescent Vortex Bit Holder

Crescent Vortex Bit Holder Claims 500 Times Greater Bit Life

Impact drivers make many of our screwdriving jobs easier. The problem is the violent impact that makes them so effective also beats up bits. Impact-rated bits help, but those are best in metal-to-metal fastening and some of us want a do-it-all bit. The Crescent Vortex bit holder is cracking that nut.


  • Much longer bit life
  • Improves bit life when driving in any material
  • Strong magnetic hold on bits


  • Extends tool length
  • Bits can be hard to pull out

Crescent Vortex Bit Holder | The Big Deal

As we watched multiple brands push to create the perfect screwdriving bit would be, most didn’t focus on a bit holder. In reality, it’s a brilliant place to start. By putting an intermediary between the tool and the bit, you have a lot more freedom than metallurgy and physical shape alone offer.

The Crescent Vortex bit holder starts with a typical 1/4-inch hex shaft that pairs with your impact driver. On the other end, a 1/4-inch hex receiver magnetically holds the bit in place.

Magnetic Bit Holder

Inside the silver housing, the shock absorption takes place in what Crescent calls its Dual Impact Zone.

Crescent CAVBH3 cutaway

When you combine that with an impact-rated bit that has its own impact-absorbing properties, Crescent’s testing data shows up to 500 times the life of the bit alone.

Crescent Vortex Bit Holder

The middle section spins freely, and you can hold it to stabilize the drive while the tool does its work.

If there’s a downside, it’s that the bit holder extends the overall length of your impact driver. In some of the tightest spaces, you might have to go back to a direct connection. A more minor consideration is that the magnet is nice and strong, but can make some bits tough to pull out.

Crescent Vortex Bit Holder Price

You can pick up the Crescent Vortex bit holder at Lowe’s for $9.98. Considering how much longer the life of your driver bits will be, it pays for itself pretty quickly.

The Bottom Line

In the time we’ve been using the Crescent Vortex bit holder, it’s clear to us that our bit life is greater. We still break them from time to time, but we’re getting far more drives out of each one whether we’re working in wood, wood-to-metal, or metal-to-metal connections.

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