Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Review

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Review

Organize Your Truck Bed Without Losing Bed Access

Most of us buy trucks because we need the functionality of a bed for the work or play we engage in. While many of the accessories you can buy take away that function, the Decked Truck Bed Drawer System doesn’t. We connected with local rancher and country singer, Eli Mosely to install one in his truck and see how it stacks up to its claims.


  • 200-pound capacity in each drawer
  • 2000-pound capacity on top of the box
  • Super-smooth drawer operation
  • Optional drawer locks add an extra layer of security
  • Wide range of accessories you can add (several included with purchase)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Drop-in bedliners have to come out prior to installation
  • Cannot install with a truck tool box unless you have an 8-foot bed

Want a closer look? Check out our video review!

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Installation

While installation isn’t quite as easy as Decked’s Truck Tool Box, it’s not very difficult. The drawer system weighs more than 200 pounds, so you definitely want some help, though.

Each box is specifically designed to fit the truck and bed length you have, so be sure you select those when you’re shopping. Because of the fit, any drop-in bedliner your truck has needs to come out. Spray-in liners are fine.

There is some assembly required. It’s not terribly complex and Decked’s instructions are good. However, give yourself a couple of hours to work with.

Once the assembly is complete, team-lift the drawer system in and slide it all the way back. We waited to install the drawers until the frame was inside and that worked great.

Each Ammo Box has access and a through-hole to reach the tie-down points on your truck bed. Decked supplies J-hooks to secure each corner—tighten them down and you’re ready to roll.

J-hook Installation

For most trucks, there’s no need for any drilling. However, you may want to drill holes in the bottom of each Ammo Box for draining. The truck we installed our system on has a good topper, so we decided to skip that step.

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Design

Materials and Construction

Decked uses HDPE as the primary material and it comes from recycled sources. They add carbon black coloring to keep the look consistent along with some UV inhibitor to protect it.

HDPE Construction

From there, corrosion-resistant steel and some aluminum reinforce the box for additional strength.

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Construction

The way it all comes together is weatherproof, but not fully sealed to the point of being water/dustproof. While your gear will stay dry in the rain, it’s possible for dust/mist to get in or water if you’re spraying directly at the drawers from the side.

Space Considerations

The whole point of using the Decked Truck Bed Drawer System is to gain truck bed organization without losing the actual bed function. So how well does it do that?

The system takes up 12 inches of height in the base of your bed. If you have a tonneau cover or topper, you lose some vertical storage space. With accordion-style tonneau covers, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to fold it up, so keep that in mind.

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Installation

As an elevated bed, the design does a great job of maximizing the space, so you don’t lose much. There’s a 3-inch gap between the drawers and the tailgate, but that’s it.

Tailgate Gap

The good thing is that the metal reinforcement of the outer shell means you can put up to 2000 pounds of gear on top of it. You read that correctly—it can hold a literal ton!


Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Handle

Shifting to the drawers, Decked uses a urethane wheel system rather than drawer slides. It’s a design that eliminates some of the sticking or derailing that comes over time with drawer slides. Considering this lives in the back of your truck with a variety of forces on it, that’s a smart call.

What’s interesting about the wheels is that the more weight you have in the drawer, the smoother they roll. That’s the joy of quality sealed bearings. As long as we’re on the subject of weight, each drawer is rated to hold 200 pounds of gear.

The drawers slide open most of the way, but they don’t come completely out. When you get to the end, you feel a detent nudge into place. If you’re parking on a slope, it helps keep the drawer from sliding back closed. When you close the drawers, the spring-loaded handles securely keep them from sliding open.

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System

As for security, you have a couple of layers. The first is your tailgate. With it closed, there’s not enough room to open the drawers and access your gear. If you have a locking tailgate, it’s an extra layer of security that is tough to beat. The second comes from optional drawer locks you can add for $50.00. By default, Decked includes plugs for them for the lock holes.

Even the box height itself is an advantage. Because the system sits down in the bed, most passersby won’t even know it’s there when the tailgate is up.

Ammo Cans

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Ammo Can

In the corners, there are what Decked calls Ammo Cans. That’s actually a little bit of a misnomer because they’re not weatherproof. It’s certainly handy to have the additional storage, though. Just make sure anything you put in them can get wet without causing problems.

Can I Use the Drawer System With a Truck Tool Box?

In some cases, you can have both the drawer system and a truck box together. However, you need an 8-foot bed to pull it off. Standard and short bed options don’t have enough space.

If you’ve seen Decked’s CargoGlide, they do make a Drawer System-compatible model you can add.

Decked Truck Bed Drawer System Price

The base drawer system runs $1449.00, comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and is a Made in the USA product. It comes with several accessories:

  • Crossbox (Desert Tan)
  • D-Box (Desert Tan)
  • Drawerganizer
  • 2 x Drawer Dividers

Here’s a quick tip for you: if you want additional accessories, order them at the same time as the drawer system. Decked will pack them in the drawers for you, and you won’t have to pay additional shipping.

The Bottom Line

Between its well-thought-out design, load capacity, durability, and ease of use, the Decked Truck Bed Drawer System earns two big thumbs up from our team. It masterfully accomplishes its goal of adding organization without losing the functionality of your truck bed. The design team clearly put a lot of effort into anticipating the needs of truck owners and its Made in the USA production adds to its appeal.

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