DeWalt Oscillating Tool DWE315 Review

DeWalt Oscillating Tool
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 8.2

DeWalt's DWE315K, unfortunately, suffers a bit from its lack of real vibration control. But, it does feature great ergonomics, a solid blade change design, good cutting speed and a good value. If you're in the market for a solid corded oscillating multitool, check it out.

Overall Score 8.2 (out of 10)

You wanted oscillating tool reviews, and we’ve got oscillating tool reviews! Testing 25 different models of corded and cordless oscillating tool models might seem like a bit of an undertaking…and it is. But, we just had to see which models provided the best power and performance, vibration control, noise generation, ergonomics, blade change system, and value. We had a ball testing out all of these tools, and you can read about what we found out during our best oscillating multi-tool article. But, when we end a shootout around here, we like to go back around and give each individual tool a closer look. Up first is the DWE315K DeWalt Oscillating Tool.

DeWalt entered both a corded and cordless version of their oscillating tool in our shootout, and both have similar handle designs and feature sets. Actually, all things considered, there really aren’t wild differences between the two models, save for the fact that one uses cordless power and one doesn’t.

If cords don’t bother you and you’re looking to save a few bucks, the DWE315K DeWalt Oscillating Tool might be the multitool for you. Let’s take a look!

Blade Changes

At the present, there is one blade change system to rule them all (at least in our opinion): the Starlock system. It allows for one-handed, tool-free blade changes without the need to actually touch the blade. It’s awesome. The DeWalt Oscillating Tool doesn’t use this system, as it’s a proprietary system co-developed by Fein and Bosch. It does, however, have its own system that is our second favorite.

DeWalt uses its own Quick-Change clamping system that allows you to change blades without needing a hex wrench. You squeeze down on the silver lever, releasing the clamp and freeing the blade. While you might need to wait for the old blade to cool down enough to touch it safely, it’s a very easy system.

While we’re big fans of Starlock, DeWalt’s Quick-Change system does have an advantage. If you need to change the blade angle on the fly, it’s faster with this system.


The DeWalt Oscillating Tool excels in ergonomics. The handle design, like most of the DeWalt lineup, utilizes a smaller diameter. While a lot of the multitools that we tested use a bulkier traditional design, DeWalt sticks to something that you can really wrap your hands around.

DeWalt employs a variable speed paddle trigger design. Generally, we prefer the on-off switch with a speed adjustment dial, but DeWalt’s design works well. They include a lock-on switch, which mitigates a lot of the frustration that comes from holding down a trigger for bigger jobs. They also designed the trigger in such a way that you can hold the tool in a variety of positions and still hold the trigger down.

Even with the trigger, I’d rather have a variable dial so I can just pull the trigger or use the lock on. It takes some time, but you can find low and medium cutting speed if you need to.

Weight plays a huge part in ergonomics, and the corded DeWalt Oscillating Tool definitely won’t kill you with its mass. The thing about weight is that sometimes, a lighter tool equals a tool that uses cheaper, low-quality components. At 3.21 pounds, it’s light without feeling like it’s loaded with cheap internals. There are definitely lighter tools we tested that also feel about as well-built as the box they came in.


The corded DeWalt Oscillating Tool comes with a 3.0 Amp motor that delivers 0-22,000 oscillations per minute. It has a 1.6° oscillation angle as well. What does that all boil down to? It means that, in our testing, we were able to measure the DWE315K at an average plunge cut speed of 17.6 seconds through 2x pine. That’s good enough for 8th place overall and better than any of the cordless models.

DeWalt Oscillating Tool DWE315K Review

One of the big drawbacks to this model revolves around its vibration control. Quite frankly, it’s not great. With a tool that has fast oscillations as its only job, vibration seems impossible to dampen. However, Fein sets the standard here and DeWalt is pretty far behind them.


There’s really no such thing as a “quiet” oscillating multitool. Still, some of our group generate significantly less noise than others. The corded DeWalt Oscillating Tool settles in the middle at 99 decibels while cutting in wood – 7 more than the quietest and 5 less than the loudest.

DeWalt Oscillating Tool Features

  • Powerful 3 Amp Motor provides strong performance for cutting and sanding
  • Quick-Change accessory system allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches
  • Dual-Grip variable speed trigger gives users ultimate speed and application control
  • Bright LED light illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting
  • DeWalt Oscillating Tool Guide System allows users to set the depth or height for accurate repeatability
  • 29-Piece DeWalt accessory kit with storage box includes popular cutting and sanding attachments
  • Universal accessory adaptor for use with most oscillating tool accessory brands


The DeWalt Oscillating Tool earns a solid rating in the value department as the kit will run you a fairly manageable $179. There are some less expensive models, but you have to remember that with just about everything in this life, you often get what you pay for. When you consider the ergonomics, cutting speed, and ease of use associated with this model, the price on this tool seems more than fair.

Included In Kit

  • DeWalt Oscillating ToolDWE315K DeWalt Oscillating Tool
  • Oscillating Tool Guide System
  • Wood-With-Nails Blade
  • Fast-Cut Wood Blade
  • Semi-Circle Blade
  • Sanding Pad
  • 25 Sandpaper Sheets
  • Accessory Storage Box
  • Multi-Brand Accessory Adapter
  • Contractor Bag

The Bottom Line

In our shootout, the corded DeWalt Oscillating Tool finishes in a middle of the pack ninth place. That may not seem impressive, but the truth is that it’s a solid performer. Where you’ll notice the biggest room for improvement is in vibration control and it could do better in the noise level department. Aside from that, there’s not much to complain about unless you’re just not a fan of the paddle trigger.

DeWalt Oscillating Tool Specifications

  • Model: DeWalt DWE315K
  • Motor Size: 3.0 Amp
  • Oscillations: 0-22,000 OPM
  • Oscillation Angle: 1.6°
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Length: 13″
  • Warranty: 3 years limited
  • Price: $179.00

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