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DEWALT TOUGHSERIES Tape Measures Focus On Durability and User Experience

Tape measures are crucial to nearly every job but they don’t always hold up as well as we’d like. DEWALT TOUGHSERIES tape measures are built to survive the jobsite with features designed to make your measuring tasks easier. We’re teaming up with DEWALT to tell you more about them.

Durable Design

As part of the TOUGHSERIES line, we expect a durable built for these tape measures and DEWALT hits it from multiple angles. The housing features a generous covering of overmold to help protect the tough outer shell from drops up to 100 feet onto packed soil.

The amount of overmold and shape of the housing also give TOUGHSERIES tape measures a comfortable grip that’s secure and natural.

Having a tough housing doesn’t matter much if the blade can’t hold up, though. DEWALT addresses that issue as well. The entire length of the blade has a coating to help it last longer and the first 6 inches has an additional Rip-Shield coating to protect the section most likely to take damage.

DeWalt ToughSeries Tape Measures RipGuard

Function With a Twist

From there, it’s all about making measuring easier for you. The blade is printed on both sides so you can see your measurements on the floor, overhead, or anywhere in between. This marks the first time DEWALT has offered double-sided print.

DeWalt ToughSeries Tape Measures Double Sided Tape

The hook is designed to hold from nearly any angle and DEWALT makes a clever move with a removable magnet. To attach it, just slip the magnet over the hook’s rivets and push it in to lock it in place. The magnet sits flush with the hook end exactly the way you expect on a magnetic tape measure and it’s very secure.

If you don’t want it on a particular job, just remove the magnet and store it in your toolbox for later.

When it comes to standout, DEWALT TOUGHSERIES tape measures have a 1 3/16-inch wide blade that’s capable of reaching out to 17 feet holding the tape measure in one hand while supporting the blade with your other.

DEWALT TOUGHSERIES Tape Measures Price and Options

With this launch, you can get TOUGHSERIES tape measures in 16, 25, or 35 feet and there’s also an 8-meter/26-foot option. Prices run $23.99 to $39.99 from your favorite DEWALT retailer.

Learn more by visiting DeWalt’s website.

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Mike Rhum

Sounds like a great tape measure, but if you’re “teaming up with DeWalt,” that makes this an advertisement, not a review. So, why would I trust what you say?

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