Diablo Demo Demon Nail-Embedded Wood Spade Bits

Diablo Demo Demon Spade Bit

Diablo Demo Demon Spade Bits Make Easy Work Of Nail-Embedded Wood

When you’re drilling, speed and power are two of the most critical factors. Diablo’s SpeedDemon spade bits have been a staple in many toolboxes, but they’re limited once you start hitting nails. When you’re working with a high risk of nail strikes, Diablo Demo Demon spade bits are designed to be your go-to solution.

Diablo Demo Demon Spade Bits: The Big Deal

Diablo Demo Demon Nail-Embedded Wood Spade Bit

The Diablo Demo Demon spade bit excels in tough wood applications. It utilizes DEMO-Edge dual cutting edges which allow smooth cuts into wood while slicing through nails. It also has a Dura-Tip that withstands nail hits so nails don’t slow down the bit’s ability to self-feed through. In fact, Diablo claims that these bits have 60 times the lifespan of standard spade bits in nail-embedded wood applications.

Of course, you can use these in clean wood as well. We recommend keeping both styles available. Diablo Demo Demon spade bits are more expensive and all spade bits dull over time. Use the less-expensive Speed-Tip bits for clean wood and reserve your Demo Demon bits for higher-risk drilling.

The bits have 1/4-inch Impact Strong hex shanks, which makes them compatible with most impact drills and impact drivers.

Pro Tip: When you’re drilling with the risk of nail strikes, choose a cordless drill with kickback control in case the bit binds up.

Additional Features

  • Sizes range from 1/2-inch to 1 1/4-inch
  • 6-inch shank

Diablo Demo Demon Price and Availability

There are multiple sizes of this bit, so the prices vary depending on which size works best for you. The Demo Demon bits range from $9.97 for the smallest (1/2-inch) to $12.97 for the largest (1 1/4-inch). Two kits are available as well; a 3-piece set ($19.97) and a 6-piece set ($34.97).


  • Shank length: 6 inches
  • Bit diameter: Various
  • Shank style: 1/4-inch hex
  • Drill bit type: Spade
  • Material application: Wood, including nail-embedded
  • Bit material: Carbon steel

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