ECHO PB-5810 Blower

echo pb-5810 backpack blower

Here at Pro Tool Reviews, we’ve had our hands on a lot of ECHO products. And, personally, I have a soft spot for their blowers. Based on my experience, they’re impressive in terms of power, overall performance, build, and features. Indeed, ECHO has made its mark with a wide range of OPE, but their bread and butter is leaf blowers. In fact, they’re pioneers, considering that they created the world’s first backpack model, the PB-9. Almost 50 years later, their PB models are still going strong, which brings us to the ECHO PB-5810 Backpack Blower.

Of course, the real question is whether this model is the right one for your needs. Let’s jump into the performance and design details to find out.

ECHO PB-5810 Backpack Blower Features and Performance

We’ll start with this unit’s power plant. Driving the PB-5810 is a 59.7cc professional-grade engine.

Now, we can talk about engine size all day. However, that doesn’t necessarily give us a clear picture of what a blower can do. This is where CFMs and MPH come into play.

With respect to the ECHO PB-5810, you’re looking at a blower that can deliver up to 700 CFM at 200 mph. This is excellent.


  • Model: ECHO PB-5810
  • Engine: 59.7cc
  • Blowing force: 700 CFM
  • Velocity: 200 mph
  • Newtons: 27
echo pb-5810

Concerning the CFMs, this model will provide substantial volume, which will come in handy when doing heavy leaf coverage. You should have no trouble at all covering wide swaths of debris.

Furthermore, the ECHO PB-5810’s blowing force is formidable, which is exactly what you want to get with a Pro-grade backpack blower. You should reap the benefits of 200-mph capabilities when working with wet and sticky materials.

Of course, another important gauge is Newton forces. In this case, the PB-5810 comes in at 27N. That’s right on the cusp of what we generally expect from a commercial model, so I would like to see a higher number there.

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to ECHO’s reduced-effort starting system. About a year back, I had an opportunity to put this feature to the test with the PB-265LN, and it truly works. Usually after two pulls, I had ignition.

ECHO PB-5810 Backpack Blower Price

The PB-5810 is available with tube- or hip-mounted throttles. Both retail for $429.99 and come with ECHO’s 5-year consumer and 2-year commercial warranties.

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