EGO 56V 7.5 Ah Arc Lithium Battery

EGO Battery 56V 7.5 AH

Innovative EGO Battery Now Sports More Amp Hours (And Run Time)

We had the opportunity to be one of the first to look at the EGO Power Plus line with its innovative 56V battery platform. The results were outstanding. Since then, they introduced the EGO 18″ chainsaw and brought us a better EGO PowerLoad string trimmer this Spring. As we kicked back with a cold one, smiling from the performance that the EGO 56V battery gave us, the conversation turned to the professional and prosumer market. Can lithium-ion OPE actually take hold of prosumers and further down the road, even professional landscapers?

The new EGO battery is helping us answer that question. The obvious limitation has been run time. If you can only mow for about 45 minutes, you’re really limited to 1/4 acre lots or smaller. The EGO 7.5Ah battery finally ushers in the power though. Now with the upper end of amp hours at 7.5, we’ve once again got a whole new ball game.

When we did our best lawn mower article, we got 1 hour, 47 minutes out of the new 7.5 Ah (amp-hour) EGO battery*. That’s definitely enough to mow a 1/2 acre lot on a single charge.

So how does the 56V, 7.5 Ah battery compare to, say, Greenworks’ new 80V platform? Well, 80V is going to win the power battle since it can push more raw power through stressful situations. We saw that when cutting through the thick drain field grass in our shootout. Where the rubber meets the road is in the total battery capacity, measured in watt-hours. This simple calculation is done by multiplying voltage by amp hours.

Voltage x Amp hours = Watt hours

EGO Battery: 56V x 7.5 Ah = 420 Wh

Greenworks Battery: 80V x 2.0 Ah = 160 Wh

However, Greenworks does package two batteries with their system, so you’re looking at 320 watt-hours with the kit. Greenworks (and Kobalt) do have the lead in overall power, but they, nor anyone else, is able to touch the total battery capacity or run time of the EGO 7.5 amp hour battery… yet. There is more coming though! Just like EGO went out on their own with the 56V platform, it looks like they’re willing to stick their proverbial necks out on run time as well. That’s great for the prosumer as the competition seems to be resulting in longer running and more powerful OPE options.

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