EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment

EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment Line is Coming!

OPE Reviews is reporting that EGO has a commercial line of battery-powered outdoor power equipment in the works. EGO Commercial lawn care is a sector that the brand has intentionally stayed away from for a while, insisting that their target market is the homeowner. They’ve accomplished the task by making some of the best battery-powered OPE available on their 56V platform.

We saw hints of commercial applications with their PowerLoad String Trimmer and its innovative line loading system and carbon fiber shaft. The same features that make it a really nice product for homeowners got the attention of our Pros as well.

Blowers are one of the major sticking points with lithium-ion struggling to get to true commercial level blowing power, though several models are able to meet or exceed homeowner handheld gas blower performance.

What To Expect From EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment

While there isn’t a ton of information yet for us in the US, we’re looking across the pond at Europe to get an idea of what we can expect.

Powering the system will be the EGO Commercial Backpack Battery (BAX1501) that offers 28 amp hours (1528 watt-hours). A power adapter will run from the backpack to the tool you’re using.

EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment Line is Coming!

The full pack weighs in just under 20 pounds. There’s been some debate in our office as to how that weight will affect the appeal. My take is that if I can hike in the backcountry with a 45-pound pack, as long as EGO designs the backpack to fit well to your frame, it won’t be an issue. Tim Johnson isn’t as confident, though he notes that if there’s good airflow along the back, it will help a lot.

There’s also a backpack harness system that uses a standard EGO battery form factor with a similar receptacle to use with any current EGO products. The battery and backpack will be sold separately and the battery weighs nearly 20 pounds by itself.

EGO Commercial Lawn Care Tools

EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment Line is Coming!

Obviously, there’s no mower (yet). I’d love to see what the EGO team could come up with if they put their collective efforts around a commercial ZTR, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

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