Exmark Vertex V-Series Electric Stand-On Lawn Mower

Exmark Stand-On Electric Mower

Exmark’s Electric Mower Lineup Adds A Stand-On Commercial Mower

By now, most Pros in the landscaping industry are well aware of electric solutions for lawn care. Whether you use them or not, there’s no question that electric mowers are carving their way onto the scene. Adding to the list of options, the Exmark Vertex V-Series electric stand-on mower aims to give landscaping professionals an alternative to gas power without sacrificing performance.

Exmark Vertex V-Series Electric Stand-On Lawn Mower: The Big Deal

The Vertex V-Series certifies itself as Exmark’s first stand-on electric mower to date. Its electric design reduces the need for maintenance and eliminates the fumes produced by gas-powered machines. Belt maintenance and replacement are also a thing of the past thanks to the mower’s electric spindle motors.

Exmark designed this mower with the professional in mind to deliver commercial quality cuts with the long runtimes needed for a day on the job. Its HyperCell electric system uses 8 HyperCell batteries to provide you with up to 7 hours of runtime per charge. These batteries also run cooler and can give you a longer overall service life.

The Vertex V-Series uses commercial-grade wheel motors with a planetary transmission to deliver high-torque power, with ground speeds up to 10 MPH.

Additionally, this mower features Horizon360 Connect smart equipment, which provides app-based connection to monitor your machine in real-time. Using the Horizon360 app, you can monitor your mower’s equipment data, battery charge status, and location information.

Additional Features

  • LED lights
  • Manual deck lift
  • Fuel indicator
  • Side discharge

Thoughts On The Exmark Vertex V-Series Electric Stand-On Lawn Mower

The first question we always have when we see a new electic ride-on lawn mower is… what power source does it use?

In this case, Exmark goes with an 8-battery configuration, totalling 18.4 kWh of capacity. That’s a lot, and it’s what makes the 7-hour runtime claim plausible. If those batteries are easily swappable, it opens up even more possibilities than battery-powered commercial mowers with an integrated power source.

We’re waiting to see this for ourselves at GIE (now called the Equip Expo) in October, and there are still some questions we have about voltage, charging, comfort features, pricing and much more. However, the mere fact that Exmark is launching this product in spring 2023 is a big deal and it won’t surprise us one bit to see a matching 60-inch zero-turn when we visit Kentucky in a few weeks.

Until then, be sure to let us know any questions you have in the comments below so we can get answers to those as well.

Kenny Koehler, Managing Editor

Exmark Vertex V-Series Electric Stand-On Lawn Mower Price

Exmark is launching the Vertex V-Series at dealers starting in spring 2023. At the moment, there’s no pricing information available, but we expect it close to the end of the year. You can find out more information as well as view local dealers at Exmark’s website.


  • Model: Exmark Vertex V-Series
  • Length: 75.8 in
  • Width: 53.8 in
  • Height: 49.8 in
  • Weight: 1,109 lbs
  • Cutting width: 52 in
  • Cutting heights: 1.5 in – 5 in (in .25 in increments)
  • Blade thickness: 0.204 in
  • Blade material: Heat-treated steel

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