Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review with Fast-In

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Fast-in

Since we took the time to do a Franke Fast-In sink review, installing a Franke pull down kitchen faucet seemed appropriate. After all, you can’t install a high-quality stainless steel sink and then slap your old faucet back in place. An upgrade seemed appropriate. We chose the Franke Bern FF20750 pull-down kitchen faucet for our evaluation.

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Design

The Bern faucet features a single handle design and pull-down spray head. It has a modern look with a stainless steel finish that matches well with the Frank Fast-In sink we were installing. The Franke Bern faucet comes in the style we reviewed (FF20750) and the Semi-Pro model with a heavy duty commercial sized spring (FFPD20850). This faucet fits single hole sinks, but it includes a base plate for 2- and 3-hole installations. We installed ours with just the included O-ring for a more simplistic look.

We really like the height of this faucet, though it may seem a bit more imposing than some. The stately swan-like shape adds something special to the kitchen.

Franke Bern FF20750 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Franke has a lot of different faucet designs, but the Bern series is the first to use its Fast-In installation system. Since our install included a Franke Fast-in sink, we figured the matching faucet would be a good choice. The stainless steel finish made for a perfect match, and the pull-down design paired well with the 9-inch deep sink bowls.

Internally, Franke faucets use a 35 mm ceramic cartridge that should never wear out. Since the Franke Bern faucet uses a single handle design, a double check valve is used to direct hot and cold water flow.

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet handle

Franke Bern FF20750 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Features

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet packaging

When we received the Franke pull down kitchen faucet, it came nicely boxed with a cloth bag over the fixture. Inside was the faucet, complete with integrated braided supply lines and pull out spray nozzle. The nozzle is fed by a sturdy-looking nylon hose, and a counterweight provides the retraction. You attach the counterweight a couple inches above the loop formed when you connect the nylon supply hose. Also included is a stainless steel base plate to cover up a 2- or 3-hole sink as well as a couple Allen wrenches, an O-ring, and instructions. Of note, the supply lines are clearly indicated as Hot and Cold by colored lines.

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet parts

Franke Bern FF20750 Faucet Features

  • Style: Modern, pulldown faucet
  • Swivel: 360-degrees
  • Dual functioning spray head
  • Hole configuration: 1-hole (preferred), 3-hole (with included 10-inch base plate)
  • Cartridge: 35 mm ceramic
  • Integrated double check valve
  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Certified in compliance with ASME A 1 12.18.1/CSA B125.1, NSF 61/372, and AB 1953.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Street Price: $244.99
Franke Bern faucet braided supply lines


The best part of this particular Franke pull down kitchen faucet is the Fast-In system. Installation, therefore, consists of ensuring the O-ring is in place, feeding the lines through, and securing the faucet from the top of the sink. There are four lines to feed through, including Hot, Cold, and the two lines that connect to form the supply for the spray head.

Before installation, remove the set screw from the faucet body using the supplied Allen wrench. That opens up access to the Fast-In base. You want to position the Fast-In base so that the side labeled “PULL OUT” faces the backsplash.

Franke Bern faucet Allen screw

After feeding the lines through the single sink hole, you can then secure the Fast-In base to the sink by using a screwdriver or (if you’re careful) power driver to bring the mounting cleats up to the top. The cleats will secure the Fast-In base to the stainless steel sink, or the entire assembly if you used the stainless steel mounting plate.

Installing Franke Fast-In faucet

Once the Fast-In base is tight, reposition the faucet body and fasten the set screw. You can now finish up underneath the sink.

Making the Connections

Under the sink, you want to connect the hoses for the pull down spray head and affix the weight. As mentioned, the weight sits about 2-inches above the loop formed by the connected hoses. This is what causes the spray head to return back home after use. The Hot and Cold supply lines are clearly marked by color, making them very easy to connect.

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet normal
Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet spray

With everything in place, we turned on the water and tested out the new faucet. The water flow on the Franke Bern Fast-In kitchen faucet is an ample 7.75 gpm (gallons per minute). You also have an ergonomic switch for engaging spray mode—great for cleaning up.

Franke Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Fast-in


This is, by far, the easiest faucet I’ve ever installed. The Franke Fast-In system is very well-designed and all but fool-proof. It allows for true fastening from above the sink and eliminates one of the biggest headaches to installing a new kitchen faucet. Perhaps even better than the installation system, Franke makes a well-designed faucet. It has ample water flow and a nice comfortable and ergonomic design. Priced around $279, the Franke Bern kitchen faucet should yield many years of use—and it looks great.

For more information, visit the Franke website.

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