May 9, 2021

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GearWrench Tethered Tools and Accessories

GearWrench Tethered Tools

GearWrench Tethered Tools Keep At-Height Techs Safely Working

Safety on the jobsite is important, and falling tools always present a threat to workers on the ground. You may be an expert in ladder safety, but what about your tools? If we can keep our tools from ever falling in the first place, we’re one step ahead in the safety game. And that’s where GearWrench has focused some of its efforts on tethered tools.

GearWrench on the Tethered Tools

Dropped tools cause serious life-threatening injuries to workers and bystanders, as well as create costly damage to infrastructure and equipment. A well-designed tethered tool system is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to improve safety in these situations. It keeps people safe and keeps workers working confidently.

Chris Coll, product manager at GearWrench

A Broad Lineup

GearWrench offers a comprehensive line of tether-ready hand tools, including ratchets, wrenches, and pliers.

Each of the GearWrench Tethered Tools offers one of three tethering features. An integrated tether-ready through-hole easily connects to any tethering system. Or, it could include a D-ring web tether and self-sealing tether tape. Or, your tether-ready hand tool could include a split ring for security.

The GearWrench tether-ready ratchets feature a unique two-step locking quick-release design that virtually eliminates unintentional socket drops.

GearWrench 10-pc Tethering Tool kit

And, for tools that aren’t tether-ready, GearWrench has accessories to retrofit for safety. These accessories include carabiner lanyards, coiled cable lanyards, detachable lanyards and loops, elastic loop tails, wrist tool lanyards, tether wristbands, self-sealing tether tape. D-ring webs, tether heat shrink, tether cold shrink, tether shackles, tether split rings, and even a 10-piece tool tethering kit.

For more information about the GearWrench tool lineup, including the line of tethered tools and tethering accessories, check them out by clicking here.

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Gregory Mills

I just ordered a different brand of tether lanyards so I can tether my camera gear overhead. The Gearwrech tether accessories like the D ring webs, sprit rings, etc could be useful for us photographers/videographers too.

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