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Graco Rac X Low Pressure Spray Tips

Graco Low Pressure Spray Tips Handle Fine Finishes to High Production Applications

According to Graco, painters have seen a lot of success with 2017’s Fine Finish Low Pressure FF LP Tip. But why stop there? Graco has built on that model with the Rac X Low Pressure Spray Tips which they’ve designed to deliver what they call “the industry’s best finish at low airless spray pressure.” The result, they claim, is less overspray and better pattern overlap for consistent blended finish quality with complete atomization.

Graco Low Pressure Spray Tips: The Big Deal

The Rac X FF LP and Rac X LP come in 46 Low Pressure Tip sizes to support the widest range of applications, from detailed trim work to large surface and high production applications. The secret is in the SmartTip technology, an internal tip geometry that works best at low airless spray pressure. This tip design reduces the energy required to atomize paints, stains, and other materials to deliver a consistent finish.

The Graco Low Pressure Spray Tips work with any airless sprayer, spraying at up to 50% lower pressure. This results in less overspray and easy pattern overlap. The soft spray fan pattern makes it easy to apply any material to any surface.

Graco also claims that these tips reduce your prep work and clean-up and that they last up to twice as long.

For even better results, Graco recommends using the Rac X FF LP and Rac X LP Low Pressure Spray Tips with their SmartControl Pressure Management System. This setup ensures a superior spray fan pattern without fluctuations in pressure at any setting.

For more information about Graco RacX Low Pressure Spray Tips and airless low pressure sprayers, check out Graco by clicking here.

Graco Low Pressure Spray Tip Prices

You can pick up the Rac X FF LP and Rac X LP tips at your local Graco dealership, or online. Though sizes and prices vary we found a large assortment of them on Amazon for around $35 a piece.

Graco Low Pressure Spray Tips Size Charts

  • Rac X Fine Finish Low Pressure Switchtips (FFLPXXX)
In (mm)0.0080.0100.0120.0140.016
2-4 (51-102)108110112
4-6 (102-152)208210212214
6-8 (152-203)308310312314
8-10 (203-254)410412414
10-12 (254-305)510512514516
12-14 (305-356)616
Flow Rate (gpm)
Flow Rate (lpm)0.260.410.590.801.04
Flow Rates calculated with water @2000 psi, 138 bar, 13.8 MPa – paints with a higher viscosity will decrease the flow rate. For example: for a tip with a .010 orifice and an 8 in. pattern, order the FFLP410
  • Rac X Low Pressure SwitchTips (LPXXX)
In (mm)0.0130.0150.0170.0190.0210.0230.0250.0270.0290.031
6-8 (152-203)313315
8-10 (203-254)415417419421423425
10-12 (254-305)515517519521523525527
12-14 (305-356)617619621623625627629631
14-16 (356-406)723725729731
Flow Rate (gpm)
Flow Rate (lpm)0.690.911.171.471.792.152.542.963.423.90
Flow Rates calculated with water @2000 psi, 138 bar, 13.8 MPa – paints with a higher viscosity will decrease the flow rate. For example: for a tip with a .021 orifice and an 8 in. pattern, order the LP421

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My wife wants to start spray tanning some clients but I have seen the sprayer the beauty shops say she needs and I can’t believe it’s worked for anyone….they got the most plastic piece of crap it looks like….. I paint professionally for a living, so I have a few spray rigs of my own….. I would have a hvlp sprayer but I don’t really do any cabinets unless things are so slow I have to…. That’s been awhile since I’ve even fooled with that headache… But I’ve been using Graco fflp and titan hea tips for a few years… Read more »


I suggested it on the YT channel, I’ll do so here. You guys should do a comparison between the Graco and Wagner offerings you might find at HD and Lowes. Specifically the DIY sprayers that are handheld all in one units.

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