Greenworks 24V Cordless 3-Gallon Vacuum Review

Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Make Cleanup More Convenient With The Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Vacuum

Whether you’re cleaning up your workshop, the interior of your car, or tidying up after a messy toddler, most folks need a wet/dry vac at some point. As part of our search for the best shop vacs, we got our hands on the Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Vacuum and we’re breaking down some key details so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Vacuum Performance

This Greenworks cordless vacuum is a compact, portable alternative to a full-sized model, like the Greenworks 60V Hybrid Vacuum. It generates up to 60 CFM of airflow with 7500 Pa max suction power, which is more than we expect for a vacuum this size.

HEPA Filter

One added bonus for this cordless vac is the washable HEPA filter. This makes it great for cleaning up finer materials, such as drywall dust or sawdust. The vac’s wet/dry designation is an important one—many of the cordless vacuums we’ve reviewed are rated for dry messes only. If you’re cleaning a wet mess, just remove the HEPA filter and you’re good to go.

Pro Tip: Even though a HEPA filter comes with the vac, it’s not a suitable dust extractor for Table 1 compliance when you’re working with concrete. Always wear appropriate PPE when you’re working with fine dust.

The vacuum quickly converts to a blower for removing light dust and debris. Like many shop vacuums, just flip the hose from the intake to the exhaust and you have an instant blower.

Hose Connection

Speaking of the hose, it’s 7 ft. x 2 in. with an extendable design and twist-lock connections that securely attach to the canister to avoid any accidental disconnection while it’s in use.

The tension from pulling the hose is strong enough that it can actually pull the canister along—think dog on a leash. That’s normal and even beneficial for rolling models, but just be aware that it might slide if you’re stretching the hose some.


Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Review

With a 24V 4.0Ah battery, the vac ran for 10 minutes and 53 seconds. With that kind of runtime, you’ll have plenty of time to clean up your workbench, vacuum the floorboards of your vehicle, or suck out the drain line from your AC system.

This isn’t a hybrid vac with an option to use a cord, so be sure to have a couple of batteries on hand if you’re going to be cleaning larger areas or multiple vehicles.

Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Vacuum Design Notes

Size and Weight

Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Review

As we mentioned earlier, this cordless vac is fairly compact. It measures 19.5 inches from tip to tail, stands 10.75 inches tall, and is 13.5 inches wide. With a 4.0Ah battery, it has a working weight of 12.9 pounds. Its boxy design is incredibly easy and convenient to store in a closet or on a shelf in the garage instead of taking up floor space like a traditional shop vac.

Hose and Accessory Management

Nozzle Storage

We definitely have to tip our hats to the design team for their hose and accessory management. Both of the nozzles stow inside the battery compartment and the hose wraps neatly on top of the motor housing. This design reduces the chances of losing one of your attachments, keeps the hose from getting in the way, and keeps the storage footprint very manageable.

Additional Features

  • Magnetic battery compartment lid closure
  • Folding top handle
  • Swiveling hose intake
  • Compatible with all Greenworks 24V batteries

Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Vacuum Price

This cordless shop vacuum retails for $89.99 as a bare tool on Amazon and we saw it as low as $76.50 during our testing period. It comes with a 7-foot hose, dry-use canister filter, compact fan nozzle, and a crevice nozzle for getting into tighter spaces. There’s no option for a battery charger as part of a kit at the moment, though.

Greenworks backs this vacuum with their 3-year limited warranty.

The Bottom Line

It’d be easy to punt and make “just another” medium size vacuum. However, Greenworks put some real thought into the design and made it more convenient than most. It’s a good fit for cleaning up small to medium-sized wet or dry messes with performance that’s higher than many compact vacs but not as strong as larger models that take up more space.

Click here to check out the entire Greenworks 24V line!

Greenworks 24V 3-Gallon Cordless Vacuum Specifications

  • Model: Greenworks WDV24B00
  • Power Source: Greenworks 24V battery
  • Capacity: 3-gallon
  • Hose Length: 7-foot
  • Hose Diameter: 2-inch
  • Max Airflow: 60 CFM
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Warranty: 3-year
  • Price:$89.99

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