Greenworks Commercial 82V H.O.G. Chainsaw

Greenworks Commercial 82V H.O.G. Chainsaw

Greenworks Commercial Pushes Battery-Powered Chainsaws into New Levels of Performance

A few years ago at the Equip Expo (formerly GIE), we got a pleasant surprise—three different brands announcing 20-inch battery-powered chainsaws at the same time. This time around only one is pushing that benchmark further, and the Greenworks Commercial 82V H.O.G. chainsaw is set to redefine what battery power is capable of in the chainsaw sector.

*Note: The photo is a rendition of the new saw, not an actual photo of the production model.

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What Makes the Greenworks Commercial 82V H.O.G. Chainsaw Special

The major talking points around this chainsaw are about the performance level. Relying on a 6.0Ah pouch cell battery for power, the brushless motor can produce 4.3 kW. The stock bar is 20 inches, but this is the first battery-powered chainsaw rated to handle 24 or 28-inch bars.

Obviously, that offers more cutting capacity than before. But to really put it into context, we need to take a closer look at that power number. Greenworks Commercial already had the strongest 20-inch saw, though models from Stihl and DeWalt were in the ballpark. That saw has 3.4 kW of power, so the 4.3 kW of the H.O.G. chainsaw represents a 26% increase in power.

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Greenworks Commercial 82V H.O.G. Chainsaw Additional Details

While we haven’t had a chance to put the saw in our hands yet, we’ve been able to chat with the Greenworks development team and glean some additional information.

If you’re not sure what a H.O.G. saw is, you’re not alone—it’s a brand-new designation. For this model, H.O.G. stands for High Output Gasless chainsaw.

What’s interesting about that is H.O.G. is not a chainsaw-specific acronym, leaving open the possibility that we might see other H.O.G. products that lead Greenworks Commercial’s 82V line.

Greenworks Commercial 82V H.O.G. Chainsaw Price

The saw is slated to launch at Greenworks Commercial retailers around fall 2024. Expect the price to run $1499 for a kit that includes a 6Ah pouch cell battery and a dual port charger.

More to Come…

As we get closer to launch and have more details available, we’ll be sure to share them. For now, you can bet the other major players in the professional chainsaw sector are paying close attention to this model and are likely laying the groundwork for their own high-power models. Whether they can reach the heights of Greenworks Commercial will rely heavily on their motor and battery development. Clearly, Greenworks Commercial is leading the charge in pushing battery-powered chainsaw performance forward, and those of us on the user side are enjoying the benefits.

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