Hammer Fist Multi-Use Striking Tool

Hammer Fist Multi-Use Striking Tool

The Hammer Fist Promises to Be More Than a Hammer

Everyone has had their own MacGyver experience— using whatever is on hand to improvise a solution to get a job done. That seems to be where the idea of the Hammer Fist came to be. Timothy Scott Stuart, the inventor of the Hammer Fist, found himself in a situation where he needed a hammer, and all he had within reach was a rock. After many iterations, the Hammer Fist multi-use tool was born.

The folks at Hammer Fist partnered with us to tell you about this new homeowner tool—so let’s get started!

Hammer Fist Multi-Use Tool Overview

Hammer Fist
  • Three separate stainless-steel strike plates
  • Non-marring mallet
  • Dual nail puller
  • 1/4-inch hex drive
  • Built-in ruler with standard and metric measurements
  • 90° square
  • Ambidextrous rubberized grip

The Hammer Fist confounded us at first. It had us asking, “What is it?” when a more appropriate question would be, “What isn’t it?” This tool describes itself as a multi-use tool. It aims to provide the functions of a variety of different tools a Pro might use—instead, combining them all into one compact package.

The Hammer Fist has three separate stainless-steel strike plates and a non-marring mallet side, giving it its “hammer” nomenclature. There’s a front strike plate, a 45° strike plate, and a main strike plate that lets you hammer in nails using the method of your choice.

hammer fist strike plates

This tool also features a dual nail puller that removes nails no matter how you hold the tool.

Hammer Fist nail puller

A 1/4-inch hex slot lets you use a hex bit and allows for more uses from nut drivers to screw heads. Additionally, the Hammer Fist includes a 90° square template for easy squaring, as well as integrated SAE/metric rulers for quick measurements.

To top it all off, when you’re done working in your workshop or garage, you can crack open a cold one with the tool’s bottle opener.

Additional Features

  • Brightly colored for easy location
  • Lanyard attachment point
  • Patent-pending design
  • Compact design

Using the Hammer Fist

We didn’t so much test the Hammer Fist as we used it in a variety of hammering and pulling applications. For one, we tried our hand at hammering all manner of nails with the tool. After working our way from finish nails and roofing nails to 2-1/4″ 12D nails, we convinced ourselves it could get the job done—albeit with less efficiency than a standard framing hammer. We used the main strike plate on these tests. Just be sure not to miss! The other surfaces (including the non-marring plastic end) work well for striking other objects you need to budge—but not for nailing.

Would you use this in place of a hammer—not if you had a choice, but sometimes you don’t. In a cramped space, this tool gives you an option for driving a nail where you otherwise couldn’t.

We also liked the nail puller, finding it easy to use and intuitive. The dual-sided puller also helps when you need to start a nail and then gain more space to leverage out something longer.

Finally, the markings and 90-degree square feature look like something a DIYer might find useful in a pinch.


This fun homeowner-level tool retails for $19.97 and you can find it at The Home Depot. To learn more, you can visit the Hammer Fist website.

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