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harbor freight warranty policy

Harbor Freight Changes Its Warranty Coverage For Brushless Hercules Tools

Harbor Freight stores exist throughout virtually the entire contiguous United States. Visiting a brick-and-mortar location can sometimes be more instantly gratifying when you need to make a quick tool purchase. Even better, if you find yourself needing to claim your tool’s warranty due to a defect, it’s as easy as returning it to your local Harbor Freight instead of waiting on a lengthy mail-in process.

We’ll walk you through the terms for the most popular Harbor Freight brands as well as explore some recent changes to the warranty period.

Harbor Freight Warranty on Hercules 20V Brushless Tools

This might come across as the biggest news for anyone shopping at Harbor Freight. The company has recently announced that they will begin offering a 5-year warranty on Hercules brushless tools. This is a HUGE coverage increase from the standard 90-day warranty offered previously. All Hercules 20V Brushless tools purchased at Harbor Freight on or after August 19, 2022, include a 5-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Hercules 20V batteries and chargers purchased on or after August 19, 2022, will come with a 3-year warranty.

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Brushed Tools Warranty

Harbor Freight Warranty Hercules

Non-brushless Hercules tools purchased at Harbor Freight continue to receive the standard 90-day warranty. You also retain the option to purchase additional coverage for 1 year through the Extended Service Protection plans. We’ve used these plans and they let us return the tool directly to the counter and get an exchange.

Pittsburgh Tools Warranty

For Pittsburgh tools, you find two categories of warranty coverage. The brand separates its warranty coverage between hand tools and other tools. Pittsburgh covers its hand tools with a lifetime warranty through Harbor Freight. All other Pittsburgh tools, like automotive and diagnostic tools, carry the standard 90-day warranty.

Harbor Freight Predator Tools

Harbor Freight Warranty Predator

For Predator products such as pumps, pressure washers, and generators, Harbor Freight offers 2-years on the emissions control systems of the engines. For the machines as a whole, the standard 90-day warranty applies. Any Predator accessories you purchase will also be covered by the 90-day warranty.

Harbor Freight Bauer Tools Warranty

Harbor Freight Warranty Bauer

Bauer products purchased at Harbor Freight carry the store’s standard 90-day warranty. This includes all Bauer power tools, hand tools, and accessories. While inexpensive, you may want to consider this when comparing to newer brushless Hercules power tools.

Harbor Freight U.S. General Tool Chest

U.S. General tool chests, carts, and accessories all carry the standard 90-day warranty. With products this robust, you typically know immediately if you have a problem. Once you get your tools loaded, anything likely to break or snap-off (you see what I did there?) should quickly manifest itself.

Harbor Freight Daytona Jacks

Harbor Freight Warranty Daytona

All Daytona products, like jacks and creepers, also carry Harbor Freight’s standard 90-day warranty for material and workmanship defects. We have yet to hear about quality control issues with these jacks in particular.

Harbor Freight Titanium Welders

Harbor Freight Warranty Titanium

Titanium products, including welders and accessories, are backed by the standard 90-day warranty.

Harbor Freight Icon Tool Storage

Harbor Freight Warranty Icon

For ICON brand tool storage systems, including Roll Cabs, End Cabs, and lockers, Harbor Freight offers a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for the normal life of the product. ICON also offers a full line of replacement parts for its tool storage products.

Harbor Freight Icon Hand Tools

Harbor Freight Warranty Icon

Rounding off our list, ICON’s line of hand tools, including sockets, wrenches, and drivers, includes a lifetime warranty when purchased at Harbor Freight. As with the ICON line of tool storage solutions, this lifetime warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for the normal life of the product.

Final Thoughts

Warranty coverage concerns a lot of people. With Harbor Freight, one of the advantages has to do with the fact that they carry a majority of their own branded tools. That means the warranty ends up transacting as an exchange—provided you can bring the tool into the store. For many consumers tired of uncertain turnaround times when dealing with third-party manufacturers, a direct-exchange warranty might serve as a refreshing change.

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