October 18, 2021

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Hart 20V Cordless 8-inch Pruning Saw Hands-On Preview

Hart Pruning Saw Tackles Light-Duty Pruning and Limbing

For your lighter duty pruning work, look to the Hart 20V Pruning Saw. It joins the Hart 20V line of OPE, designed to provide compact and lightweight solutions to handling your yard work. With an 8-inch bar and chain, you can tackle the vast majority of your tree-trimming work with a minimal amount of fuss.

Key Features

The Hart Pruning Saw is tailor-made as a convenient and comfortable solution to trimming work. With the kitted 2.0Ah battery attached, it only weighs 6 lbs. 8.4 oz. Not only is it lightweight, but the compact size and smaller bar and chain can help you get into some tighter spots. A rubberized rear grip adds a bit more comfort to working with the pruning saw as well.

While the 8 inch bar and chain won’t tackle the bigger jobs around the yard, it’s perfect for smaller limbs and pruning work. The 8 inch size has a max cutting diameter of 6 inches.

Hart has also designed the 8-inch saw to operate without bar & chain oil. How this affects the saw over time is hard to say. During our initial testing, we found it more convenient and less messy without having any oil slopping around.

Hart 20V Pruning Saw vs Milwaukee Hatchet vs Stihl GTA 26

We know that one of the first questions likely to come up has to do with market comparisons. We decided to jump right in and compare the Hart 20V pruning saw to the Milwaukee M12 FUEL Hatchet and the Stihl GTA 26 Garden Pruner. All three differ significantly, with the Milwaukee coming in as the most “chainsaw-like” of the bunch. Hart clearly leads the value proposition and wins points for simplicity of use—provided you don’t run the tool too long without applying oil.

Hart HGCS011Milwaukee 2527-21Stihl GTA 26
Bar length8″ Oregon6″ Oregon4″
Chain speed15 fps16.4 fps26.3 fps
Chain3/8″ AdvanceCut 91PX3/8″ full house R281/4″ Picco Micro 3
Battery20V 2.0AhM12 4.0Ah12V 2.1Ah
Weight w/battery~7 lbs.4.85 lbs.3.1 lbs.
Warranty3-years tool/battery3-year tool/battery3-years tool/battery


The Hart 20V 8-inch Pruning Saw can be had for the low price of $118. It comes with a 2Ah battery, a charger, and Hart’s 3-year warranty. Hart tools are sold exclusively from Walmart.

Hart 20V 8-inch Pruning Saw Specs

  • Model: Hart HGCS011
  • Motor: Brushed
  • Bar and Chain: 8 in.
  • Max Cutting Diameter: 6 in.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 8 x 19.38 x 8.38 in.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $118

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