Hilti 22V Battery Pack Video Overview

Hilti 22V Battery Packs

If you followed us through World of Concrete, you know there are new Hilti 22V battery packs running around. While that’s exciting, it may also be concerning for current 18V users. Should you expect to buy into a brand new battery platform to stay with future Hilti cordless tools?

The good news is you won’t. The packs are completely backward compatible with all Hilti 18V tools. New Hilti 22V battery packs are really benefiting from upgraded electronics that allow them to safely discharge deeper. The cells are still 18650 models arranged in a 6P configuration. The result of the electronics is roughly 10% greater capacity and a bump in performance.

The batteries run at a nominal 21.6 volts, which is being rounded up to get the Hilti 22V battery name. You’ll notice the 5.2 and 2.6 amp hour rating haven’t changed, so you’ll still have high capacity and slim pack options.

Hilti 22V Battery Pack Overview

  • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage: 21.6 nominal
  • Amp Hours: 2.6 AH or 5.2 AH
  • Cells: (6) 18650 cells (1S, 6P – 2.6 AH) or (12) 18650 cells (2S, 6P – 5.2 AH)
  • Compatibility: All 18V and 22V Hilti cordless tools

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