Hilti 300 CFM Dust Extractor VC 300-17 X

Hilti VC 300-17 X 300 CFM Dust Extractor

Dust collection is a way of life on construction sites, especially when you’re working with concrete. When OSHA Table 1 compliance is a big concern, the Hilti 300 CFM dust extractor (VC 300-17 X) can help on multiple levels and potentially save you from having to buy a much more expensive collector.

Hilti 300 CFM Dust Extractor Performance

  • 2100-watt/17.5-amp motor
  • 300 CFM
  • 102 inches of water lift (3.7 PSI)
  • Automatic filter cleaning

Performance is the primary highlight for Hilti’s flagship dust extractor. A 17.5-amp motor powers twin turbines capable of pulling 300 CFM and 102 inches of water lift. That’s significant for more than one reason. First of all, it’s crazy-high suction no matter what tool you’re working with. The magic of hitting the 300 CFM mark is that you can run two 6-inch grinders in concrete applications and remain Table 1 compliant. Just add Hilti’s Y-adaptor and you’re in business.

If it didn’t already jump out at you, note that you need to run on a 20-amp circuit since the vac pulls 16 amps.

There’s an automatic filter cleaning system onboard. Hilti’s mechanism blows air across the filter to clean it every 7.5 seconds.

Hilti 300 CFM Dust Extractor Design

Hilti VC 300-17 X 300 CFM Dust Extractor
  • 17-gallon canister
  • 13-gallon wet capacity
  • 159-pound dust capacity
  • 63.7 pounds vacuum weight
  • 1.6-inch hose connection

There’s a big focus on capacity and Hilti offers a generous 17-gallon canister on the VC 300-17 X. If you’re collecting slurry or other wet messes, it can hold up to 13 gallons of liquid. Either way, you can collect up to 159 pounds of debris, giving your crew a good long working time between empties.


The Hilti VC 300-17X is one of the most powerful portable dust extractors available. Accordingly, it has a premium price starting at $2029. There’s also a package that includes a NEMA 5-20P / 5-15P adapter for $2339.

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