Hilti Air Cleaner AIC 1000

Breathe Cleaner Air On The Job With Hilti’s AIC 1000 Air Cleaner

Long-term exposure to dust can cause health problems, but it’s also hard to avoid on the jobsite. Respirators and other PPE do play a part in making a safer work environment, but they can only do so much. To eliminate dust at the source, you need something that will take it right out of the air, and that’s exactly what the Hilti Air Cleaner aims to do. The question is, how else does it benefit workers on the jobsite?

Hilti Air Cleaner Overview

Hilti Air Cleaner
  • Model: Hilti AIC 1000; 3830509
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.4 x 16.5 x 26.5 inches
  • Weight: 33.5 pounds
  • Maximum airflow capacity: 1000 CFM
  • Removes fine dust particles from air
  • For use in dry rooms
  • Power cord length: 118 inches
  • Two modes: Eco and Max

Hilti designed this air cleaner to combat the airborne dust produced during construction work, like grinding, finishing, cutting, and demolition. It works by creating negative pressure areas that help to contain fine dust particles, including those from hazardous materials, such as silica dust.

There are a few different applications of this machine, depending on your preferred dust management technique.

  • Place it in the center of the room with all of the inlets open to gather dust from the surrounding area.
  • Place the hose on the inlet valve for targeted dust collection and to create negative room pressure
  • Place the hose on the outlet valve to create negative pressure and direct dust away
  • Place the machine outlet against an integrated dust wall to create negative pressure and direct dust outside of the wall

The AIC 1000 has a maximum airflow capacity of 1000 CFM and features two modes: Eco and Max. Hilti also designed it with a telescoping handle and wheels to help you transport it between jobsites.

Hilti Air Cleaner Price

This machine retails for $999 as a bare tool and $1399 with an AIC 200mm and 250mm hose as well as 30x pre-filters. Hilti backs your purchase with a 2-year no-cost wear-and-tear warranty, plus a 20-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

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