Hilti Nuron 3/8-Inch Cordless Right-Angle Impact Wrench Review SIW 4R-22

Hilti Nuron Right-Angle Impact Wrench

Hilti Introduces A Low Profile Cordless Right-Angle Impact Wrench To The Nuron Lineup

Hilti has been a big player in the construction industry for decades. With the release of the Hilti Nuron lineup, we’ve seen a few familiar tools hit the market, however, they’ve also brought some newcomers into the fold. Among them is the Hilti Nuron SIW 4R-22 right-angle cordless impact wrench—a sleek alternative to a full-sized tool when space is limited.

Hilti Cordless Right-Angle Impact Wrench Performance

Hilti Nuron Right-Angle Impact Wrench
  • No-Load Speed: 1600 RPM (low), 2250 RPM (high)
  • Impact Rate: 3800 IPM
  • Max Torque: 27 ft-lbs (low), 78 ft-lbs (high)

The Hilti SIW 4R-22 right-angle impact wrench features a 2-speed motor that produces up to 1,600 RPMs on low, 2,250 RPMs on high, and 3,800 impacts per minute. As for torque, it churns out 27 ft-lbs on low and 78 ft-lbs on high.

Hilti’s power level is considerably lower than some of the other models we’ve tested, almost on par with a cordless ratchet…but that’s no accident! While some models take aim at the automotive industry as pneumatic replacements, Hilti is focused more on light industrial and assembly tasks. Hilti tells us that this tool is ideal for bolting on handrails, assembling metal racking, and light machinery maintenance.

Speed Controls

The big deal here is that you have all the speed of a compact impact wrench with the accessibility of a cordless ratchet. This will allow you to quickly remove longer bolts and still maintain some finesse when working with delicate materials.

Hilti Cordless Right-Angle Impact Wrench Design Notes

Hilti Right-Angle Impact Wrench Profile
  • Model: Hilti SIW 4R-22
  • Power Source: Hilti Nuron battery
  • Anvil: 3/8 in. friction ring
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs. (bare), 3.9 lbs. (with B 22-55 battery)
  • Length: 17-3/4 in.

This right-angle impact wrench weighs in at 2.6 pounds bare, and 3.9 pounds with a B 22-55 Nuron battery. It measures 17-3/4 inches from tip to tail and features a 3/8-inch friction ring anvil. Compared to others we’ve tested, Hilti’s design is pretty slim and compact.

3/8-inch anvil

The Hilti SIW 4R-22 features a large trigger and a smooth rubber overmolded grip. The narrow design allows for easy one or two-handed use. The forward/reverse switch is positioned within reach of your thumb and index finger for easy access while the speed controls are down by the battery.

Additional Features

  • LED work light

Hilti Cordless Right-Angle Impact Wrench Price

The Hilti SIW 4R-22 retails for $249 as a bare tool and $392.50 as a kit that includes a B 22-55 battery and charger. Hilti’s kits are fully customizable, so you can select the number of batteries and type of charger that best suits your needs. Additionally, it comes with Hilti’s impressive 20-year warranty.

For our tool crib managers and contractors, Hilti’s fleet pricing program offers fixed monthly costs, theft coverage, and no-cost repairs. This right angle impact wrench is available for $8.50 per month as a bare tool.

The Bottom Line

The SIW 4R-22 right-angle impact wrench fills a huge gap in the Nuron tool lineup. It’s ideal for getting into tight spaces where a traditional impact wrench and socket simply wouldn’t fit. The torque specs did leave something to be desired, but we think the benefits of a smaller tool outweigh any potential downsides.

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