Hilti Nuron Cordless Metal Cutting Saw Review SC 6ML-22

Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw

The Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw Shows Off Impressive Performance and Ergonomic Upgrades

Last year, Hilti released their brand new Nuron battery platform, and with it, some innovative tools for the professional scene. Among them, we’re also seeing some of the tried and true favorites from the previous 22V lineup making a comeback with a fresh technology update. Today, we’ve got our hands on the all new Hilti SC 6ML-22 Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw. We’re going to detail some of the key performance and design specs, along with telling you how the Nuron technology comes into play.

Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw Performance

Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw
  • No-Load Speed: 4000 RPM
  • Max Cut Depth: 2-3/8 in.
  • Blade Diameter: 6-1/2 in.

The Hilti SC 6ML-22 is a cold-cut metal saw that cuts nearly spark-free. Being a cold-cut saw, the 6 1/2-inch blade’s 4000 RPM top speed is slower than abrasive options such as grinders and chop saws.

As you cut, the integrated spark catcher on the rear of the blade guard collects chips and slag to help reduce the mess. Personally, I prefer the design of the SC 6ML-22’s collector because it’s more efficient and much easier to empty when the job is done.

Spark Collector

You’ll notice Hilti’s blade brake when you take your finger off the trigger. It stops the blade in just seconds and a layer of safety in combination with the blade guard.

This metal-cutting saw is well-suited for making straight cuts on mild steel and stainless steel sheet goods, as well as pipe and conduit. Hilti includes an adjustable fence that fits directly into the steel shoe to help you make more accurate and consistent cuts. It’s also compatible with an optional guide rail and pipe adapter if you like.

  • Cutting channels, pipes, conduits, and profiles
  • Cutting openings in sheet metal for HVAC applications
  • Cutting sandwich panels, mesh, and corrugated sheet metal
  • Corrective cutting and trimming of sheet metal
Blade visibility

Hilti doesn’t exactly specify a particular material thickness limitation, but the max cutting depth is 2 3/8 inches. A quick look at the rated applications above tells us that the saw does its best work on sheet goods.

The biggest surprise, however, was seeing how much faster this saw cuts compared to its predecessor. The SC 6ML-22 was able to quickly glide through our sheet of 1/4-inch mild steel as though it were standard plywood. Just for kicks, we tried cutting on some thicker materials and were able to successfully cut 3/8-inch angle iron. You have to cut a little slower, but the cold cut speed left a nice, clean finish.

Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw Design Notes

Hilti Metal Cutting Saw Profile
  • Model: Hilti Nuron SC 6ML-22
  • Power Source: Hilti Nuron battery
  • Shoe Material: Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Arbor: 16 mm
  • Blade Kerf: 1.2 mm
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs. (bare), 7.5 lbs. (with Nuron B 22-85 battery)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.6 x 6.5 x 10.0


The Hilti SC 6ML-22 tips the scales at 5.9 pounds as a bare tool and 7.5 pounds with the recommended 4.0Ah battery (B 22-85). That’s just shy of 1.5 pounds lighter than the previous model. It measures 11.6 inches from tip to tail and stands just 10 inches tall.

In terms of comfort, this saw checks off some important boxes for us. The main handle is a bit on the thicker side, and the rubber overmold is smoother and more refined. Hilti made a slight change to the angle of the grip, making it more parallel to the cutting surface.

Hilti Ergonomics

The grip and pommel spacing is a little tighter than before, too. Regardless, I didn’t have any trouble finding a comfortable working position during our testing. Compared to some compact models we’ve tested, Hilti’s spacing doesn’t feel as cramped at all.

Cutline Visibility

Maintaining a clear line of sight while you cut is a major priority. Between the onboard LED light and internal dust blower, this saw does a great job with cut line visibility, but Hilti took things even further.

The clear plastic shield is now larger than before and wraps completely around the leading edge of the blade guard. This design benefits left and right-handed users tremendously, providing a clear line of sight and helping to block stray metal shavings and slag. Moreover, the alignment guides on the shoe are now larger and more pronounced, improving overall accuracy.

Cutting Depth Adjustments

Adjusting the cut depth is pretty standard, just flip the lever at the back and set your desired depth. One big improvement over the previous model is the addition of cut depth markings. The scale is located on the inside of the blade guard and features both metric and SAE markings.

Additional Features

  • Integrated dust blower
  • On-board tool storage
  • Folding rafter hook

Hilti Metal Cutting Saw Quick Comparison

Old vs. New
Hilti SC 5ML-22Hilti SC 6ML-22
No-Load Speed3,500 RPM4,000 RPM
Cut Capacity2-1/4 in.2-3/8 in.
Bare Weight7.31 lbs.5.9 lbs.
Bare Tool Price$260$310

The Benefits of Nuron Technology

While we’re happy with the performance and design of the SC 6ML-22, what exactly does Nuron technology add to the mix?

For starters, there’s a tangible benefit to Nuron batteries. Their combination of cell selection, resistance reduction, and cooling allows it to work harder without affecting the life of the pack.

Then there’s the smart side. These batteries have the ability to automatically store and transmit data about the tool and battery, giving crib managers a leg up in tool management duties. Even if you’re using multiple tools with one battery, the pack stores the data for all of them and can transmit it via the charger.

Click here to take a deeper dive into the Nuron technology story.

Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw Price

You can get the Hilti SC 6ML-22 from Hilti for $310.00 as a bare tool. We really love that Hilti gives you the ability to customize your kit’s configuration by letting you choose the number of batteries and charger that best suit your needs. For instance, this saw, along with a pair of Nuron B 22-85 batteries and a C 4-22 charger, will run you $625.75.

For the tool crib managers out there, Hilti offers Fleet pricing which includes no-cost tool maintenance, fixed monthly pricing, and loaner tools to keep you up and running. On the fleet pricing program, this saw is $22 per month.

Hilti backs this circular saw with a 20-year warranty, 2 years of wear and tear coverage, and a 1-day in-and-out repair center guarantee.

Battery Recommendations

While the SC 6ML-22 is compatible with Hilti’s entire Nuron battery lineup, they do make recommendations based on ergonomics and performance. Here’s what they have to say.

  • Nuron B 22-55: Not recommended due to lower runtime and performance
  • Nuron B 22-85: Best combination of balance, size, weight, and performance
  • Nuron B 22-170: Not recommended due to size and weight, but will provide additional runtime
  • Nuron B22-255: Not recommended due to excessive size and weight

The Bottom Line

The Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw is an excellent cutter considering its compact size. It has plenty of power for cutting metal sheet goods, pipe, and even the occasional venture into heavy-duty angle iron and I-beams. For professional fabricators and commercial construction contractors, this saw should quickly pay for itself in time saved cutting on your next project.

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