Hilti Nuron Tower Light Review SL 10-22

Hilti Nuron Tower Light

The Hilti Nuron Tower Light Brings Shadow Free Illumination To Your Jobsite

Around here, we love our tower lights. They throw a ton of light and offer a wide range of adjustability, so you can direct light right where you need it most. The Hilti Nuron tower light is the first of its kind for the brand, and from the look of things, this light is far from ordinary.

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Hilti Nuron Tower Light Performance

Hilti Tower Light
  • Light Output: 6500 Lumens
  • Visibility: 360°

The Hilti Nuron tower light features a 360° LED light that provides 6,500 Lumens of shadow free illumination across your jobsite. This light has three brightness settings that allow you to prioritize between max light output and peak runtime.

Hilti Light Controls

Although Hilti doesn’t specify this light’s exact color temperature, it appears to be in the 5,000k-6,000k range, similar to normal daylight. The light quality is excellent, and due to its 360° range, there are very few noticeable artifacts near the outer edges of the beam.

Hilti Tower Light

This light is a little different from many of the tower lights we test in that it offers true 360° illumination. Its domed design allows you to fill your workspace with light without needing to manually direct individual LED panels. Along with the three brightness settings, you can also deactivate one half of the LEDs to project light in one direction.

Hilti Nuron Tower Light Design Notes

Hilti Tower Light In Use
  • Model: Hilti SL 10-22
  • Power Source: Hilti Nuron battery, 120V AC
  • Weight: 20.8 lbs. (bare), 24.5 lbs. (with B 22-255 battery)
  • Tool Height: 45 in. (closed)
  • Max Height: 82 in.

The Hilti SL 10-22 stands 45 inches tall when folded down and has a max usable height of 82 inches. I stand about 6 feet tall, depending on which work boots I wear that day, so I really appreciate that the light extends higher than my normal field of vision. It weighs in at 20.8 pounds as a bare tool and 24.5 pounds with the recommended Nuron B 22-255 battery. Hilti designed this light with a sturdy side handle for easy transport, but they also include an adjustable shoulder strap to take the load off your hands.

shoulder strap

Setup is incredibly easy. To extend the legs, simply press the release button on the handle and slide it downward until you hear it lock in place. Hilti opted for a tripod design that offers excellent stability on uneven terrain.

battery bay

One thing we really love is when manufacturers design lights and other jobsite amenities to operate on multiple power sources. This light is fully compatible with the entire Hilti Nuron battery lineup, as well as any standard 120V extension cord.

AC port

Hilti added a few features that give the SL 10-22 an IP55 rating. There are rubber seals around the battery door and AC port that help keep out dust and water. It’s worth noting that the IP rating drops to IP20 when under AC power.

Additional Features

  • Battery life indicator

Hilti Nuron Tower Light Price

When it comes to price, the Hilti SL 10-22 is definitely on the higher end. It retails for $472.63 as a bare tool and $1,127.63 as a preconfigured kit. This kit includes two B 22-255 batteries and a C 8-22 115V charger. Keep in mind that Hilti’s kits are à la carte, so there is some room to customize to best fit your needs.

For our fleet and tool crib managers, Hilti also offers a fleet pricing program that drops the bare tool price down to $16 per month. This program includes no-cost repairs, same-day service, and theft protection.

Hilti backs this light with their industry leading 20-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

The Hilti Nuron Tower Light hit nearly all the key features we look for in a work light. It has excellent light output and its 360° design eliminates the need for multiple lights to illuminate a room. Additionally, the folding tripod design is easy to set up and remains stable on uneven terrain.

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