JET 10-inch Variable Speed Wet Sharpener

JET Wet Sharpener

Jet Grinds, Sharpens, and Hones Your Tools

Jet Tools has a solution for getting all your bladed tools back to their sharpest. The Jet Wet Sharpener (727100) has variable speeds, grinding wheels, leather straps, and jigs to handle all of your knives, planer blades, and wood chisels. With a 10-inch wheel, this sharpener tackles larger blades than most.

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Jet 727100Sharpener Gets Wet

The 22.5 lb Jet Wet Sharpener features a 10″ x 2″ 220-grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel with 1/2″ arbor and an oversized water reservoir to keep that sharpening wheel quenched when sharpening. It has a larger wheel then even the Tormek T-4 Water-Cooled Sharpener we reviewed some time ago.

JET Wet Sharpener

Leather Strop Honing Wheel

To refine your sharpening even further, Jet includes a 9″x1″ leather strop honing wheel. This eliminates any burrs to deliver an even finer edge. We love taking our blades to a leather strap after hitting them with a fine sharpener. It absolutely gives them that razor edge for the sharpest cuts. This should achieve similar results.

Getting the Right Angle

An angle measurement device lets you adjust your angle of approach with standard blades. But, for your more specialized blades, the Jet Wet Sharpener also includes a support arm for the included straight edge and chisel angle jig. The straight edge jig mounts to the support arm and glides across the rail to sharpen chisels as well as spokeshave and planer blades. The chisel angle jig works specifically with chisels, setting up the perfect angle every time. You can pick up other jigs as optional accessories as well.

JET Wet Sharpener

The Jet 727100 Wet Sharpener features variable speed operation from 90 to 150 no-load rpm. It runs on a 1.8 amp, single-phase 60 Hz motor, so you can plug it in anywhere. Also, the sealed motor bearings come permanently lubricated from the factory. Finally, you can adjust the torque via the adjustment knob, helpful for if the friction drive slips during heavy use.

You get a sealed and water-resistant on/off rocker switch with the Jet Wet Sharpener features as well as a 6 ft. power cord. Four mounting holes in the steel housing make it easy to secure the sharpener to a benchtop or stand.

JET Wet Sharpener

The Jet Wet Sharpener also has a number of optional accessories available, including a Diamond Truing Tool, Rotational Base, and a number of jigs.


You can find the Jet 10-inch Variable Speed Wet Sharpener at Home Depot and other retailers. It retails for $449.99, and it comes with a 3-year warranty.

JET 727100 Variable Speed Wet Sharpener

  • Model: Jet 727100
  • Wheel: 10-inch 220 grit
  • Speed: 90-150 RPM
  • Motor Phase: 1
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs.
  • Price: $449.99

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