Knipex Cobra XS | World’s Smallest Water Pump Pliers

“Compact” is an Understatement with the Knipex Cobra XS Pliers

Knipex Tools has now added the smallest water pump pliers in existence to the popular Cobra Series. The Knipex Cobra XS pliers measure in at just under 4 inches, making it easy to keep on hand at all times.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Knipex 87 00 100
  • Just under 4-inches in length
  • Fully functional with the same features as the rest of the Cobra Series
  • Self-locking
  • Non-slip jaw geometry
  • Hardened teeth
  • Pinch guard
  • One-handed adjustment; 11 positions
  • Grips up to 1-inch
  • Gray atramentized finish

Honey, Knipex Shrunk the Pliers

When deciding to scale down the size of the Cobra Series, Knipex had accessibility in mind. So, with the Cobra XS pliers, Knipex first shrunk the overall size down to just under the 4-inch mark. They then included the appropriate features to make sure you can get these pliers right where you need them.

The Knipex Cobra XS pliers can self-lock onto pipes and nuts for reduced hand force. It features 11 adjustment positions that can be selected one-handed by sliding the handle. In fact, by replacing the push-button with a sliding handle, the Knipex Cobra XS can lock, adjust, and self-clamp onto the desired workpiece with just one hand.

Though it has a short frame and a slim head, these Knipex pliers can grip up to a 1-inch nut or a 28 Ø mm pipe in its non-slip jaws. A pinch guard keeps your hands safe as well. Knipex textured the handles to provide a better grip, and the whole thing comes in an atramentized gray finish.

What is Atramentizing?
Atramentizing provides corrosion protection through a process in which steel gets coated with phosphate using a zinc phosphate solution at 194° F (90° C).

Knipex Cobra XS Pliers Specs

  • Model: Knipex 87 00 100
  • Pliers: Gray atramentized
  • Head: Polished
  • Handles: Embossed, rough surface
  • Adjustment Positions: 11
  • Capacity for Nuts: 24mm/1 in.
  • Capacity for Pipes: 28 Ø mm
  • Net Weight: 63 g
  • Length: 100 mm

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