LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers and Pliers Wrench

Lenox Ratcheting Pliers

LENOX V-Jaw Pliers Adjust Quickly and Easily

In certain situations and at particular angles, adjusting your plier jaws can present some difficulty. The LENOX V-Jaw and Parallel Jaw Quick-Adjust Pliers have made fitting your tool to the pipe even simpler with a quick button adjustment. The LENOX Pliers Wrench works great for more delicate materials.

LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers and Pliers Wrench

  • Models: LXHT90550 (8″), LXHT90551 (10″), LXHT90552 (12″), LXHT90540 (Pliers Wrench)
  • Press-n-Slide button adjusts lower jaw 2X faster than traditional groove joint plier
  • Chrome finish
  • Fully hardened steel
  • Bi-material, anti-pinch grips
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $16.98 (8″); $21.98 (10″); $39.98 (Pliers Wrench)

LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers Features

The Press-n-Slide button on the LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers really does adjust the lower V-jaw quickly. The speed beats a traditional groove joint plier and—once you get used to it—we found it speeds up your workflow. Just press the button at the pivot and you can quickly get the jaws into position. The jaw stays securely in place and maintains a great hold with very little effort.

Lenox Quick-Adjust Pliers V-Jaw quick release button

The LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers feature a nice chrome finish that should help prevent or delay corrosion. They also look well-built, lacking any parts that would seem susceptible to loosening up over time.

locking onto a brass air valve

Durability matters—so plumbers and other tradesmen should be happy that they’re made from fully hardened steel. They should hold up to typical use—so no need to baby these tools.

On the other side of things—the handles on these Lenox pliers feel as good as they look. They use bi-material, anti-pinch grips. We found them comfortable to use, but they also don’t feel like they’ll crack or slide off after you use them for a year. They also seem to provide just the right amount of grip and control for the various jobs we did with them.

LENOX Pliers Wrench

Finally, while the LENOX Pliers Wrench carries similar features to the V-Jaw Pliers, it has some unique design tricks worth mentioning. It has a 0–3 inch parallel jaw that can accommodate a variety of plumbing fixtures. The smooth, non-marring jaw protects fixtures and workpieces you don’t want to scuff with a traditional pump or T&G pliers. It has the same button mechanism that slips the jaws up and down as needed. A handy mechanism on the hinge, however, lets you get that last bit of adjustment—about 1/4″—while maintaining a parallel distance between the smooth jaws.

Overall, we’d feel pretty good putting all three of these tools into our favorite tool box.


You can pick up the LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers at Lowe’s. The V-Jaw pliers will run you between $16.98 (8″) and $24.98 (12″). The 3″ Parallel Jaw Pliers Wrench costs around $39.98. All of the models come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers Specs

  • Models: LENOX LXHT90550 (8″); LXHT90551 (10″); LXHT90552 (12″); LXHT90540 (Pliers Wrench)
  • Handle Length (V-Jaw): 4.69 in.; 5.81 in.; 6.94 in.
  • Handle Length (Pliers Wrench): 4.69 in.
  • Handle Type: Comfort Grip
  • Capacity (V-Jaw): 1.75 in.; 2.25 in.; 2.75 in.
  • Capacity (Pliers Wrench): 3 in.
  • Jaw Tip Size: 0.375 in.; 0.5 in.; 0.3 in.
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Sizes (V-Jaw): 8 in.; 10 in.; 12 in.
  • Sizes (Pliers Wrench): 10 in.
  • Type: Tongue & Groove
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price (V-Jaw): $16.98 (8″); $21.98 (10″); $24.98 (12″)
  • Price (Pliers Wrench): $39.98

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