July 23, 2021

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Makita 1-3/16-inch Rotary Hammers | HR3001CK and HR3011FCK

Makita HR3001CK Rotary Hammers

Makita Corded 1-3/16-inch Rotary Hammers Feature a Design to Increase Accuracy

Makita just launched two 1-3/16-inch corded rotary hammers to increase the accuracy and ergonomics for concrete formers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, ironworkers, and general contractors. The SDS-Plus HR3001CK and HR3011FCK rotary hammers feature a niche size in the market at 1-3/16″, and they feature an L-shape design that makes these tools more accurate and comfortable to use.

Makita 1-3/16″ Rotary Hammers

The Makita Rotary Hammers carry a nearly identical feature set. In addition to the SDS-Plus chucks that accommodate the somewhat unusual 1-3/16″ bit size, both have three modes of operation: “rotation only”, “hammering with rotation”, and “hammering only”. While set to the hammer-only mode, you can set the bit angle at a variety of positions.

Both Makita rotary hammers draw 7.5 amps, cranking out 3.9 J of impact energy and providing up to 4,500 blows per minute. In either of the rotation modes, you can expect a no-load speed of up to 840 rpm. Both of the Makita 1-3/16″ Rotary Hammers feature Constant Speed Control, which automatically applies additional power to maintain speed under load.

Makita HR3001CK vs HR3011FCK

While both models feature a vibration-absorbing rubberized grip, the HR3011FCK has the benefit of Makita’s Anti-Vibration Technology. In our experience, this internal counterbalance system does a great job of killing a lot of the vibration that can plague these hard-hitting tools.

The inconveniently-named HR3011FCK can also work with the DX10 on-board Dust Extractor. This addition can bring the rotary hammer into OSHA Table 1 compliance. The HR3001CK doesn’t give you this option, however.

Finally, both of the Makita 1-3/16″ Rotary Hammers feature large, multi-finger variable speed triggers and an LED work light.

Max Hole Size1-3/16″1-3/16″
Amps7.5 amps7.5 amps
Impact Energy2.9 ft. lbs.2.9 ft. lbs.
No-Load RPM0 – 840 RPM0 – 840 RPM
Blows per Minute0 – 4,500 BPM0 – 4,500 BPM
Constant Speed ControlYesYes
On-Board ExtractorNoYes (DX10 sold separately)
Anti-Vibration TechnologyNoYes
Vibration Measure16.5 m/s29.5 m/s2
Bit TypeSDS-PlusSDS-Plus
Cord Length8.2 ft.8.2 ft.
Weight9 lbs9.7 lbs.
Warranty1 year1 year


While the HR3001CK seems like it might take a while longer to make it to shelves, you can find the HR3011FCK rotary hammer now. It retails for $319. Both of the Makita 1-3/16″ corded rotary hammers come with a 1-year warranty.

For more information about the Makita Rotary Hammers, click here.

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