Manufacturer: Black and Decker

Our Black and Decker tool reviews test to one purpose. We want to know which tools can help Pros and serious DIYers save money. When you don’t need a premium tool, often a basic product will do the trick. Unfortunately, Black and Decker often falls short when the going gets tough. Still, our aim is to understand which of their tools can hold up when called upon to perform common tasks. Black and Decker also has a great habit of bringing technologies to market before they migrate to the company’s other brands. A great example is the Black and Decker Gyro screwdriver. These Black and Decker tools preceded the DeWalt 8V Max gyroscopic screwdriver. Black and Decker Tool Reviews for Serious DIYers So while you may not think Black and Decker is pro-quality…well, it’s not. At least, it’s not typically pro-quality. But some Black and Decker tools exceed expectations. Those are the tools we get excited about.

Black & Decker 4V Max Gyro Cordless Screwdriver Review

Black & Decker Gyro 4V Max Cordless Screwdriver Review

It’s rare that I see a tool that catches me off guard and presents something truly “new” or innovative. With the Black & Decker Gyro, innovation is at its core. The question is whether or not the new gyroscopic features are helpful or a hindrance. One thing is for certain, however, you’ll get more “play” time with this tool in terms of its effects as a party favor of attention-grabber than you will from any other powered screwdriver. And you can really use it thanks to some solid and simple thinking on the part of Black & Decker’s engineers.

Black & Decker MATRIX Quick Connect System Preview

Black & Decker MATRIX Quick Connect System Preview

In an effort to make their tools more adaptable to the different needs of consumers, Black & Decker launched its new MATRIX Quick Connect System tool. While this isn’t something we think we’ll be seeing on the jobsite anytime soon, it’s good to pay attention since Black & Decker, Porter-Cable and DeWalt are so closely interconnected through Stanley Black & Decker. So what is the MATRIX? (sorry, I couldn’t resist) It’s a new type of modular tool system that goes even farther than similar systems like Festool’s TI system with its FastFix Interchangeable Chucks.

Black & Decker 7301 Circular Saw

Black & Decker 7301 Circular Saw Circa 1971

We got a chance recently to put our hands on a classic, a Black & Decker 7301 1HP circular saw. This rugged circular saw was purchased back in 1971 and has been running ever since. It has a cast aluminum body and a stamped steel shoe. It was purchased alongside a Black & Decker drill for $19.99 for the pair (in 2011 dollars that’s about $120!) On top of that, when you purchased two Black & Decker tools you got a third tool for a penny more (my dad picked up a Rockwell 4420 (96) Type 2 1/3rd sheet Finishing Sander.) Three heavy duty tools for that price, at that time wasn’t bad. And it was a REALLY good deal considering two of the three are still in operation!