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Manufacturer: Dremel

Our reviews of the latest Dremel tools focus on their usefulness to hobbyists, DIYers, and makers. We let you know which products deliver helpful and innovative features. Dremel, once known for oscillating muti-tools, has now branched out into products like rotary tools, saws, and even 3D printers.

Dremel sscissors

Dremel 4V Cordless Electric Scissors

Dremel’s Cordless Electric Scissors Are At The Cutting Edge of DIY Tools Have a ton of cutting to do with manual scissors? Help is on the way for DIYers, crafters, and anyone who hates clamshell packaging with the release of Dremel 4V cordless electric scissors. Dremel 4V Cordless Electric Scissors: The Big Deal In the […]

Dremel MM20V MultiMax Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Dremel Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review MM20V

Dremel Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Leads Off 20V System Dremel isn’t known for its cordless tools the way other brands are, but they have been a solid value in the oscillating multi-tool department. With a 20V lineup beginning to emerge, we got our hands on the Dremel cordless oscillating multi-tool to see how it compares to […]

Dremel 8260 Brushless Smart Rotary Tool

Dremel Releases the First Smart Rotary Tool Dremel claims to have revolutionized the rotary tool with the 8260, the first in the industry to feature smart controls. By linking the tool up to the Dremel app via Bluetooth pairing, you’ll have precise control over the tool’s performance, guidance with accessory and material usage, and more. […]

Dremel 4V Cordless Glue Pen Review

Dremel Cordless Glue Pen Promises Precision and Speed Dremel has its proverbial finger on the pulse of what makes the DIY community tick. We find as many opportunities to review as many of their offerings as we’d like. However, the Dremel 4V Cordless Glue Pen gave us a great excuse. It makes for another great […]

Dremel US20V cordless multi-saw

Dremel US20V Cordless Multi-Saw

Powerful Compact Saw Cuts with Control and a Clear Sight Line For a compact and easy-to-use multi-material cutting solution, Dremel has introduced the US20V Ultra-Saw. The Dremel Cordless Multi-Saw delivers powerful cutting capability from a 20V Max battery platform while giving you a clear line of sight to your work. Dremel Cordless Ultra-Saw Key Features […]

Dremel Electric Screwdriver

Dremel Electric Screwdriver and Rechargeable Flashlight

Dremel Home Solutions Comes to Home Depot Dremel Home Solutions is a new line of tools sold exclusively at the Home Depot. It looks to target the DIY market, but sometimes these handy tools find their way into the home of professionals. In any case, Dremel looks to have a couple of handy solutions ready-made […]

Review8.8(out of 10)

Dremel Multi-Max MM50 Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Dremel Multi-Max MM50 Takes a New Angle on Oscillating Multi-Tools The Multi-Max line of oscillating multi-tools is getting an upgrade with the Dremel Multi-Max MM50. More than just bumping up the motor power to 5.0 amps, there are a couple of features that should make life easier on DIYers and may even catch the attention […]

Dremel GO Screwdriver

Dremel GO Screwdriver Preview

The Dremel Go screwdriver breaks the brand into the cordless screwdriver market alongside both Pro and homeowner level tools. The benefits of a screwdriver in this class is pretty obvious – you’re not turning a hand tool or putting so much torque into the job that you damage the fastener or workpiece.   Why Dremel? […]

Review7.4(out of 10)
Dremel Velocity

Dremel Velocity Oscillating Tool Review

A few months ago, we put 26 different oscillating tool models against each other to see which brands could turn out the performance, feature sets, and value. You can read about how it all went down in our Oscillating Multi-tool Shootout. However, today we’re looking at one of the more powerful models in our competition, […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool

Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool MM45

You can’t accuse us of not being ambitious around here. Our Managing Editor, Kenny Koehler, decided that the world needed to know the best oscillating tools on the market, and rather than test out a piddly 10 models, he brought in 25 models from both the corded and cordless worlds.  If that interests you, and […]