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Manufacturer: Johnson Level

Johnson Self-Leveling Laser with GreenBrite Technology

Johnson Ultra-Bright Green Laser Offers One-Man Alignment, Leveling, and Layout Johnson Level released a new Self Leveling 3×360 Laser with its GreenBrite Technology. This particular Johnson green line laser is self-leveling and projects three ultra-bright 360-degree planes of laser light to cover the total jobsite—up to 200 ft. A pulse mode also lets you use […]

Review9.2(out of 10)

Johnson Digital Level 5700-4800D Review

Johnson Digital Level Gets an Upgrade with Programmable Features The 48-inch 5700-4800D Johnson digital level is a tough and accurate tool whose hi-tech features function as an apprentice. I’ve used it to rebuild the roof of a carport, set a new door in an old house, and much more. If you’re in the market for […]

Johnson Level 40-6005 230' Laser Distance Measure Review

Johnson Level 40-6005 Laser Distance Measure Review

Tape measures are great, but for anyone who’s done layout work or estimated for a significant construction project, you aren’t going to get much joy out of dragging out a physical tape 200 feet tape measure. The new Johnson Level and Tool 40-6005 Laser Distance Measure is a tool that takes the walking and dragging out of the distance measuring game. It’s super compact in size, yet it has an incredibly useful range. But that’s all common features of a technology that’s commonplace now. Where Johnson attempts to distinguish itself is in its flexibility and speed. The Johnson Level 40-6005 can handle taking measurements from as little as 2 inches out to its maximum of 230 feet. On top of that, it’s lighting quick, thanks to a fast on-board processor that delivers results faster than just about any other similarly-priced laser distance measure we’ve used. Accuracy is also an astounding +/- 1/16 of an inch – even out at long distances. And, just to make sure that you are on target, a built-in laser pointer shows you exactly where you are aiming. Now let’s break down the features a little at a time.

Johnson Level 1600-4800 48-Inch Eco-Tech Bamboo Level Review

Johnson Level Eco-Tech Bamboo Level Review

Not only is bamboo an eco-friendly material; when properly prepared and finished it can be be made into durable and beautiful things like the new Johnson Level 1600-4800 48-Inch Eco-Tech Bamboo Level. This new level is made of laminated bamboo which makes it very abrasive resistant, incredibility strong and a real joy to use. While it might weigh a little more than its aluminum counterparts, there is something to be said about the natural feel of a wood (or in this case bamboo) level and we like it.

Johnson Level 1812-0025 Stud-Squared Review

Johnson Level 1812-0025 Stud-Squared Review

The Johnson Level 1812-0025 Stud-Squared is the love-child offspring between a tape measure and a square. The general idea is that you can use the tape to both measure and mark a straight line on dimensional lumber with relative ease. No more making your mark and then looking for a square or straight edge to complete the perpendicular cutting line. Without even having to extend the marking ruler, you can scribe across a regular 2×4 since it shares the same width.

Johnson 25' PlanReader Architect Series Power Tape Review

Johnson 25′ PlanReader Architect Series Power Tape Review

Oftentimes, when out in the field, it can be difficult to measure plans to verify dimensions. With the new Johnson 1819-0025 25′ PlanReader Architect Series Power Tape, you have both 1/8″ and 1/4″ architectural scales built right into the bottom of the tape. With larger, easy to see numbers on the top side of the tape, you can do your regular measuring and layout work. When you need to go back to the drawing board to check some dimensions or verify the size of something on the plans, just flip the tape over and you have the two most common architectural scales at your fingertips.

Johnson Level 40-6616 Tiling and Flooring Laser Level Review

Johnson Level 40-6616 Tiling and Flooring Laser Level Review

The Johnson Level 40-6616 Tiling and Flooring Laser Level makes doing right angle flooring layouts simpler and is a good tool to use along the way to check to make sure things stay in line. For a reasonable price, the DIY’er has a tool that can make their tile projects have that professional appearance. Everyone knows that in tile work, it is all about straight lines, perfect corners and a layout that matches the room. Johnson’s new Flooring Laser Level has a simple design, good accuracy, and a reasonable price that will bring a level of quality to your project, even if you are going to do a single floor. With laser guidance within reach, you can ensure that your flooring project will come out the way you dreamed it would.

Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator Review

Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator Review

The new Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator takes all the guesswork out of finding odd angles in the field thanks to a working range of 0 to 222 degrees and a built in miter calculator. In the past we would have relied on some fancy guesswork or trial and error to get angled cuts to match up, which usually resulted in wasted material or time. With an easy-to-read digital display, three button control and accuracy to within .5 of a degree, it should be a cinch to calculate the trim pieces needed for that bay window or octagon shaped ceiling cove. As my old boss used to tell me, ‘measure twice, cut once’. Well, that’s a whole lot easier now with angles and miters calculated more precisely and quickly with the Johnson Digital Angle Locator.

Johnson Level 118000 Picture Perfect Level Review

Johnson Level 118000 Picture Perfect Level Review

So, you just hung something on the wall and you can’t get it quite straight. Chances are that you could probably use the Johnson Level 118000 Picture Perfect Level to get it just right. With this nifty little tool, you can quickly and easily get all your wall hangings perfectly level. This is the tool that, rather than keeping in a tool box out in the garage, should be in a drawer in the kitchen.

Johnson Level 1707-4800 level vials

Johnson Level 1707-4800 Glo-View Aluminum Box Level Review

The new Johnson Level 1707-4800 48-inch long Glo-View Heavy Duty Aluminum Box Level can definitely help you get things straight, even in a dimly lit room, thanks to its glow-in-the-dark level vial surrounds. The other feature of this level – one that is almost better than the glow-in-the-dark feature – is the domed level vial that offers 320 degree visibility. With a oversized aluminum box frame, precision machined edges and faces and large size hand holds, this level is a carpenter’s dream.