Masterforce 20V Cordless Hybrid Jobsite Fan Review 5990

Masterforce 20V Cordless Hybrid Jobsite Fan Review 5990

Chill Out This Summer With Masterforce’s Hybrid Jobsite Fan

We’re in the dog days of summer as we’re writing this and a fan review is just what we needed. Nearly every cordless brand has some kind of fan in their lineup and we wanted to see what the Masterforce 20V cordless hybrid jobsite fan does to set itself apart.


  • Dual power options
  • 360-degree adjustable head
  • Lightweight
  • Max 850 CFM


  • No significant drawbacks

Masterforce Hybrid Jobsite Fan Performance

Air Flow

The Masterforce 20V hybrid fan boasts an impressive 850-CFM rate on high and 600-CFM on low. That’s pretty good especially when you consider it’s just an 11-inch fan! A two-speed selector switch lets you choose between high and low speed, but we found that the low setting was plenty to get air moving in our office.

Masterforce Hybrid Fan Beauty

Down here in the Florida heat, we have a heartfelt appreciation for fans that can move some serious air. Set to high, we could feel the effects of this fan out to an impressive distance of 25-feet! That said, we tested it out in our shop which is pretty open and spacious. In a smaller workshop, this little guy should create quite the whirlwind.


The term “hybrid” refers to its ability to run on multiple power sources. Thanks to that feature, you can keep your cool using the cordless convenience of battery power or with the unlimited runtime of an AC outlet using an extension cord.

Note that plugging the fan into a hardline will not charge the battery. In fact, you can’t even access the plug when you have a battery installed.

Masterforce claims an 18-hour runtime on low with their Flexpower 20V 7.5Ah battery and it’s compatible with all Masterforce Flexpower 20V batteries. Using a 2.5Ah Boost battery, expect that runtime to be closer to 6 hours.

Masterforce Hybrid Jobsite Fan Design Notes

Frame Construction

Unlike some small portable fans, the Masterforce hybrid fan features a durable steel tube frame. Additionally, there are non-marring rubber pads on the bottom to reduce sliding and prevent damage to soft surfaces.

Two plastic rafter hooks allow this fan to either hang on a 2x or even on a tool-box handle to keep cool while you’re working. What’s cool about the hooks is that you can move them to other parts of the steel frame if you need to get a different angle.

Masterforce Hybrid Jobsite Fan Frame

The fan rotates 360-degrees within the frame which helps you get the air moving where you need it most, even if you need to set it up directly overhead.

Size and Weight

Out of the box, this fan is in line with the relative size of portable jobsite fans from other brands. It has an overall height of 15 inches and a 14×11-inch footprint.

Despite its size, the Masterforce hybrid fan weighs a reasonable 5.6 pounds as a bare tool and 6.7 pounds with a 2.5Ah Boost battery.

Masterforce Hybrid Fan Size

Noise Level

Something we often test with OPE and general shop equipment is the ambient noise level. Our SPL meter clocked this shop fan at 50dB on low and 62dB on high from a distance of 3-feet. That’s quiet enough that you can easily have a conversation at your normal level with the fan running right next to you.

Additional Features

  • Rubber carrying strap
  • Wall mount keyholes in base

Masterforce 20V Hybrid Jobsite Fan Price

You can pick up this Masterforce fan for $59.99 and it’s backed by a 3-years warranty. Unlike most cordless tools, you don’t actually have to have a battery to use it. However, you do if you want to be free of the cord. Fortunately, you can use any Masterforce 20V FlexPower or Boost battery.

The Bottom Line

We love that Masterforce did more than just check off the “we have a fan” box with this model. Between its hybrid power options, versatile design, and solid airflow, it’s a no-brainer to add to your Masterforce 20V tool collection and help you tell the summer sun to chill out.

Check out the entire Masterforce lineup here.

Masterforce 20V Hybrid Jobsite Fan Specifications

  • Model: Masterforce 5990
  • Power Source: Masterforce 20V battery (FlexPower or Boost) or 120V AC
  • Max Airflow: 850 CFM
  • Blade Diameter: 11 inches
  • 2-speed switch
  • Bare Weight: 5.62 pounds
  • Price: $59.99
  • Warranty: 3 years

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