Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Metal Connector Nailer NR3665DA

Metabo HPT Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Review

Metabo HPT Delivers Cordless Positive Placement Nailer with Zero Firing Delay

Metabo HPT did a wonderful job on their cordless framing nailer. Supplementing it to further eliminate the need for hoses and compressors, the Metabo MPT 36V cordless metal connector nailer has been getting a lot of love from our team.

Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Performance

One of the interesting things about metal connector nailers (AKA positive placement nailers) is that they don’t need the same level of power as a framing nailer. Topping out with nails at just 2 1/2 inches and a larger 0.162-inch diameter, these nailers are more about precision when you’re installing joist hangers and metal connectors.

Metabo HPT Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Review

The big deal for Metabo HPT’s cordless positive placement nailer is that its brushless motor has the power to drive those nails and it does it with no firing delay. Its air spring system eliminates the need for flywheel systems that require ramp-up time.

As you get ready to fire your first nail, there are a couple of safety checks in place. There’s a mechanical trigger lock on the side of the handle for starters. There’s also a power button you need to press to activate the tool.

It’s no surprise that the nailer only has a sequential fire mode. Bump firing for what this tool is designed to do simply isn’t practical. Still, you can fire off around 2 nails per second if you really want to.

When it comes to runtime, there’s plenty to work with. One 2.5Ah MultiVolt battery gets up to 900 shots with the largest nails the tool is rated to fire on a charge. If you get in a pinch, the nailer works with Metabo HPT’s MultiVolt AC adapter.

Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Design Notes

Size and Weight

Metal connector nailers have to work overhead frequently, so it’s no surprise to find a compact magazine on this nailer. Like other cordless nailers used in the framing process, it’s heavier than its pneumatic counterparts. Bare, it weighs 9.1 pounds and the 2.5Ah MultiVolt battery brings it up to 10.6 pounds.

Metabo HPT Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Magazine

Strap-Tite Probe Tip

Every positive placement nailer needs to have some form of a precision tip. Metabo HPT designed this one so you can set the tip in the connector hole and fire a nail that pushes through underneath. With the mechanism above and below the nail separating to allow the head to come through, it’s about as easy to place as you can hope for.

Metabo HPT Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Tip

Additional Features

  • Rafter hook
  • Compatible with all Metabo HPT MultiVolt batteries and the MultiVolt AC adapter
  • Bottom load magazine

Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Price

The nailer comes as a kit with a 2.5Ah battery and rapid charger for $479. Like all of their lithium-ion tools, Metabo HPT has a lifetime warranty on the tool.

The Bottom Line

The cordless positive placement sector has very few options at the moment. Even so, Metabo HPT has set a bar with their 36V model that anyone else with the ambition to compete will have to work very hard to beat. If you’re ready to ditch the hose and compressor, Metabo HPT’s cordless metal connector nailer is the best option available.

Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Metal Connector Nailer Specifications

  • Model: Metabo HPT NR3665DA
  • Power Source: Metabo HPT MultiVolt battery
  • Magazine Capacity: 31 nails
  • Nail Diameter: 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 inches
  • Nail Gauge: 0.162-inch max
  • Price: $479
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Learn more about this nailer here.

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