Milwaukee 2767 M18 Fuel Impact Wrench Issue: Official Response

Milwaukee M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench 2767-22

You may have come across recent news talking about an issue with the M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench, model 2767. Following a rolling change, some users experienced issues. We received an official response that we’re sharing with you in full.

Official Response From Milwaukee Tool

We have recently learned that a number of users are experiencing issues with their 2767-20 ½” High Torque Impact Wrench w/ Friction Ring, and quickly launched an in-depth investigation to understand the claims.

Upon investigation, 2 distinct issues were uncovered:

  1. We recently implemented a new mechanical design in the model 2767-20.  This new design is distinguished by “H96B” in the serial code. This new design has not held up to the Milwaukee name and will no longer be sold. Our developmental testing of this mechanism did not reveal the symptoms described by users, but the feedback is clear, and our decision to replace product is ultimately the right thing to do for them. We will continue to produce the original design that has been on the market for years, that is distinguished by “H96A” in the serial code. We will immediately stop production of the new design distinguished by “H96B” in the serial code. 
  2. There are also variances in electrical tolerances that may cause some tools to “stutter”. This was exacerbated by the new mechanical design in 2767-20 inventory that is distinguished by “H96B” in the serial code.

If users are experiencing an issue, they are encouraged to send their tool in for repair or replacement by utilizing our eService portal – All products with the “H96B” distinction on the serial code will be replaced with “H96A”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I wanted to purchase the 2767, but am hesitant to do so until  inventory with the original design is available, what should I do?
    1. There is currently a mix of “H96A” and “H96B” serial codes for the 2767-20 in inventory at authorized Milwaukee Distributors
    2. The ONLY product affected is the 2767-20 in bare tool packaging distinguished by “H96B” in the serial code. These products are being sent back to Milwaukee Tool and will be replaced with inventory of “H96A” by November 1st.
  1. Why did you make the design change at all? Why mess with a good thing?

Products can change several times within their lifetime for a variety of reasons, but the goal is always to exceed the users’ expectations. This time we clearly did not hit the mark.

  1. Will the new tool have the same level of performance as the original?

Yes, we are reverting back to the original “H96A” mechanical design that has been on the market for years.

  1. Why didn’t you catch this before it went to market?

A thorough investigation is in progress. We applied the exact same test parameters for both the original and the new design.

Final Thoughts

It’s never fun to put a lot of work into making a product better only to find out it was a step or two back, or that there’s a fatal flaw. With a tool as good as the 2767 and with Milwaukee having such a high reputation in the power tool industry, it can feel like the stakes are higher.

Every brand wants to improve productivity, sometimes by introducing new tools and often by tweaking existing ones. The fact that Milwaukee had a miss this time doesn’t discount the vast number of ways they’ve made work easier and more efficient for professional tradesmen and tradeswomen (not to mention the serious DIYers that appreciate Milwaukee’s quality and performance).

Milwaukee’s openness about this issue and the information they’ve communicated is quite refreshing. Yes, there’s a problem with the H96B versions of the 2767. We know what the product team was trying to accomplish and we know what Milwaukee plans to do about it. If only all of us responded to mistakes like that.

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Perfect, nicely done bye taking responsibility and fixing it

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