Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters

Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters

Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters Dedicated to Power Utility Trades

2020 Pro Tool Innovation Award PTIA winner logo

Out as of November 2020, Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters provide an innovative take on this tool. The Milwaukee 48-22-4218 bolt cutters directly target hard-working power utility Pro with features that enhance both safety and functionality. These fiberglass bolt cutters not only provide insulation against electrical shock, but they also provide unmatched accessibility with Milwaukee’s new Pivotmove rotating handles.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-22-4218 (18″), 48-22-4224 (24″)
  • 1000V insulation rating
  • PivotMove rotating handles
  • Forged steel blades feature Bolt Lock
  • Tether-ready with lanyard holes
  • Comfort grip slim handles
  • Price: $149.99 (18″); $169.99 (24″)
  • Available November 2020

Milwaukee Likes to (Pivot)Move It, Move It

Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters

There’s plenty to talk about here, but the main attraction with the Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters revolves around the PivotMove handles. The innovative design allows Pros to maneuver around corners and obstacles, providing the best access to bolts in even challenging situations.

The Milwaukee PivotMove Fiberglass Bolt Cutters actually won a 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Award this year.

Pivoting action isn’t the only thing working for these tools, however. Milwaukee also uses forged steel blades for maximum durability and a 42 HRC hardness rating. The bolt cutters feature the brand’s Bolt Lock technology, which ensures that these blades won’t loosen over the life of the tool.

Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutters

Finally, the Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutter features slim fiberglass handles that are easy and comfortable to grip. They carry a 1000V UL Classified certification to protect against electrical shock. And, if that wasn’t enough of a safety feature, the handles come tether-ready. Attaching a lanyard gives you some protection against damage or injury coming from accidental drops.

Pricing and Availability

The Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutter comes in two lengths. The 18-inch model retails for $149.99 and has a max cut capacity of 3/8″. Meanwhile, the 24-inch model can cut bolts up to 7/16″ and will run you $169.99. Both versions come with a limited lifetime warranty. Milwaukee plans to release both models in November of this year.

Milwaukee Fiberglass Bolt Cutter Specs

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-22-4218 (18″); 48-22-4224 (24″)
  • Max Cut Capacity: 3/8 in. (18″); 7/16 in. (24″)
  • Max Hardness: 42 HRC
  • Blade Configuration: Center Cut
  • PivotMove Rotating Handles: Yes
  • Weight: 3.14 lbs (18″); 3.55 lbs. (24″)
  • Blade Length: 1 in. (18″); 1.5 in. (24″)
  • Handle Length: 12 in. (18″); 15.5 in. (24″)
  • Insulation Rating: Up to 1000V
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Available: November 2020
  • Price: $149 (18″); $169 (24″)

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