Milwaukee Utility Blades Cut Longer

Following up on the success of their FASTBACK Utility Knife, the newest Milwaukee utility blades are not only an improvement on existing blades, but have specialty uses. First, their new General Purpose Utility Blade promises to deliver up to 3X longer life than standard carbon blades and are engineered with optimized blade geometries to deliver maximum cutting performance in a variety of applications. They’ve also created a 2x’s longer life Hook Utility Blades and 2x’s life Drywall Blades. The Hook blades feature optimized geometry to cut roofing, synthetic wrap, insulation and other building materials. The Drywall blades are optimized for cutting/shaving down drywall and other sheet material.

Milwaukee Utility Blades Packs

Lastly, Milwaukee has released a Carton Blade for those that use their blades to open boxes. These blades sport a 3x’s life like the General Purpose Blade but have a rounded tip to prevent damaging the contents of your containers and reduce injury. All of these blades come in five and fifty pack options with the General Purpose Utility Blade also available in 75 and 100 pack. Prices have yet to be announced. The blades will ship in June 2013. For more information, please visit

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