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Milwaukee Pliers Focus on Lightweight, Job Specific Solutions

Hand tools are not something that Milwaukee is necessarily the leader on in every category. However, they’re making strides to capture more market share with each new product announcement for good reason. Aside from the lifetime warranty, innovation that is born from the jobsite continues to drive the development of new tools just like we saw in the Milwaukee Torque Lock line. Milwaukee introduced dozens of completely new or improved Milwaukee Pliers. They focus on lightweight performance and job-specific solutions.

Slimmer, Lighter Milwaukee Pliers

You may wonder how you manage to turn the focus to losing weight in a metal hand tool. Most hand tools are of stainless steel construction that has gone through heat treatment to improve strength. Changing metals isn’t typically a direction you would want to take in this area since it would lead to a loss of strength or be cost-prohibitive. It looks like the Milwaukee Pliers’ diet is more about creating a smaller waistline by slimming the grips down some. While it may be possible that they’ve played with the steel blend itself, that’s more unlikely than simply using less of their high strength steel.

“Pliers are an iconic, everyday product for our core users and we will continue to push the limits of what is possible with a pair of pliers. We are excited to introduce 14 new, lightweight, and innovative solutions that save time and increase productivity for our focus trades.”

Bobby Shaw, Director of Marketing for Milwaukee Tool

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The Straight Jaw Plier line has been expanded to include sizes from 6 – 20 inches. It also features an exposed handle on the back end. Doing this gives users the ability to punch electrical knockouts with the handles. The head is designed to help with reaming applications.

The new Hex-Jaw Pliers from Milwaukee are designed specifically for use with hex bolts and fasteners. The new design boasts the best in class number of adjustment positions and come in 8, 10, and 12 inch sizes. They also feature the exposed handles for punching knockouts and a reaming head.

Other improvement to the Milwaukee Pliers family will be in the cutting sector.  The redesigned 9” High-Leverage Lineman’s Pliers come with on-board crimper for INS and NON-INS terminals as well as iron carbide cutting edges. The Long Nose Pliers now feature a full 2 inches of gripping surface. Diagonal Pliers feature cutting edges that are designed flush cuts and other close cutting applications. All three styles feature a reaming head for removing burrs from EMT, integrated fish tape pullers for wire-pulling applications.

Milwaukee Pliers Overview

New Fastening Solutions

  • 12” V-JAW PLIERS (48-22-6212)- replacing 48-22-3112
  • 10” V-JAW PLIERS (48-22-6210) – replacing 48-22-3110
  • 8” V-JAW PLIERS (48-22-6208) – replacing 48-22-3108
  • 20″ STRAIGHT-JAW PLIERS (48-22-6320)
  • 16″ STRAIGHT-JAW PLIERS (48-22-6316)
  • 12” STRAIGHT JAW PLIERS (48-22-6312) – replacing 48-22-3212
  • 10” STRAIGHT JAW PLIERS (48-22-6310) – replacing 48-22-3210
  • 6” STRAIGHT-JAW PLIERS (48-22-6306)
  • 2 PACK – STRAIGHT JAW PLIERS SET 6”/10” (48-22-6330)

New Cutting Solutions

  • Linemans with Crimper (48-22-6100)- replacing 48-22-3309
  • 8” Diagonal Pliers (48-22-6108)- replacing 48-22-4108
  • 7” Diagonal Pliers (48-22-6107)- replacing 48-22-4107
  • 6” Diagonal Pliers (48-22-6106)- replacing 48-22-4106
  • 8” Long Nose Pliers (48-22-6101)

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