May 18, 2021

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Milwaukee Power Utility Storage

Milwaukee Power Utility Storage

Milwaukee Power Utility Lineup Provides Solutions for Linemen

Milwaukee has gone all-in with solutions for the Power Utility trade. In addition to the recent Fiberglass Bolt Cutters and Power Utility Wrenches, Milwaukee has also designed some handy Power Utility Storage solutions. These include a Compact Aerial Tool Apron, a Canvas Utility Bucket, and Two Bucket Hooks. You can expect all of these storage options to hit shelves beginning in November 2020.

Milwaukee Power Utility Storage

  • Lineman’s Compact Aerial Tool 48-22-8291: $169.99
  • Canvas Utility Bucket 48-22-8271: $49.99
  • 2-inch Bucket Hook 48-22-8292: $8.99
  • 3-inch Bucket Hook 48-22-8293: $10.99
  • Available November 2020

Lineman’s Compact Aerial Tool Apron

The first Milwaukee Power Utility Storage solution features the Lineman’s Aerial Compact Tool Apron. It fits easily onto a single bucket. Milwaukee constructed it from durable vinyl which provides both UV and weather resistance.

Milwaukee Power Utility Storage

The Compact Aerial Tool Apron has 18 dedicated pockets to hold a variety of hand tools and accessories. It looks to provide easy access to those tools even if you’re wearing gloves and standing in a boom at height. It even includes a puncture-resistant pocket for knife storage.

We noticed a handy reinforced auger bit holder that prevents burn-through when storing hot auger bits. It also includes a dedicated flood light pocket, while magnets hold sockets in place in their respective pocket.

Nickel-plated brass eyelets give the apron some extra durability if you need to quickly hang it from a nail or a bucket hook. Finally, weep holes let water drain out from the pockets to keep your tools dry—well, at least after the storm’s over!

You can pick up the 48-22-8291 Lineman’s Compact Aerial Tool Apron for $169.99. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty which makes us think this is no simple tool apron, but a heavy-duty solution that should work really well for linemen.

Canvas Utility Bucket

Milwaukee has also added a newer less-expensive Canvas Utility Bucket model to its Power Utility Storage lineup. Their current model (48-22-8270) has similar dimensions and design but features internal pockets and runs about $70).

The canvas bucket features a single large swiveling metal carabiner that clips onto any work area for easy access. Milwaukee constructed the bucket from reinforced double-layer No. 6 canvas. That’s a 21-ounce cotton duck type fabric with a high level of puncture and tear resistance. It also features an impact-resistant molded base and can lug up to 75 lbs. of tools and materials around. It stands roughly 15-inches tall with a 12-inch diameter.

Notably, the bucket features a reinforced ring at the opening that keeps it open. Weep holes at the bottom of the bucket let water drain out when conditions turn wet. It looks very similar in design to the Klein canvas bucket we looked at earlier this year (they also have 17- and 21-inch models) and should hold up at least as well. It also lacks the twin D-rings of the higher-end model for hanging external tools.

You can pick up the 48-22-8271 Milwaukee Canvas Utility Bucket for $49.99. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Milwaukee Bucket Hooks

The Milwaukee Bucket Hooks present and indispensable part of the Power Utility Storage lineup, as you can use them to hang the Tool Apron, oval bags, and other storage solutions on your bucket.

Milwaukee Power Utility Storage
Milwaukee bucket hooks

The Milwaukee Bucket Hooks come in 2- and 3-inch varieties. The 3-inch model accommodates larger squared-off bucket lips. Both are made from an impact-resistant material that resists cracking and chipping. These hooks look pretty durable, so you should be able to use them easily without babying them. Both models come rated to hold up to 100 lbs. each.

You can grab the 48-22-8292 2″ Milwaukee Bucket Hooks for $8.99 each, while the 48-22-8293 3″ Bucket Hooks retail for $10.99.

Milwaukee Power Utility Storage

  • Lineman’s Compact Aerial Tool 48-22-8291: $169.99
  • Canvas Utility Bucket 48-22-8271: $49.99
  • 2” Bucket Hook 48-22-8292: $8.99
  • 3” Bucket Hook 48-22-8293: $10.99

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