May 18, 2021

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Milwaukee RedLithium USB 3.0 Boosts Capacity

Milwaukee USB Battery Now Runs 20% Longer

The Milwaukee RedLithium USB 3.0 Ah battery delivers 20% more capacity for USB Rechargeable products. The updated batteries hit retailers in May 2020 with a price tag only slightly higher than the original Redlithium USB batteries.

Currently, the following tools use the Milwaukee RedLithium USB platform and can achieve upgraded run-time with the new 3.0 Ah cell:

Milwaukee RedLithium USB 3.0 battery

This is great news for anyone on the RedLithium USB platform or using any of these tools. Where the older model RedLithium USB featured a 2.5Ah capacity battery, the update jumps it up to 3.0Ah. The end result is a battery that runs for 20% longer on a charge.

As before, you can charge the RedLithium USB 3.0 cells in the tool or in a separate charger. Milwaukee optimizes RedLithium USB charge times with their hardware, so as to minimize downtime. It takes around two hours to fully charge this battery using either method. At a 2.1-amp charging rate, you also get at least an 80% charge in under 1 hour.

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Milwaukee RedLithium USB 3.0 Reference

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-11-2131
  • Available: May 2020
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $24.99

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