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Milwaukee SLEDGE Chisels

Milwaukee Sledge Chisels

Sledge Chisels Stay Sharper Longer

Milwaukee Tool has a line of chisels headed our way that they say can stand up to the rigors of the job with sharper tips that stay that way. The Milwaukee Sledge Chisels include bull points, flat tips, scaling chisels, tile chisels, and scraping chisels.

10-Second Summary

  • Milwaukee Sledge Chisels include bull point, flat, scaling, tile, and scraping tips
  • SDS-Plus and SDS-Max shanks
  • Reinforced edges
  • High-grade forged steel
  • Lasts longer without re-sharpening or re-hardening
  • Prices: $16.97 – $29.99

Milwaukee Breaks Rocks All the Livelong Day

Milwaukee has designed the Sledge Chisels to stand up to serious concrete abuse. And, they say these chisels will stand the test of time without you needing to deal with the hassle of re-sharpening. In fact, the self-sharpening tip maintains its cutting edge over the life of the chisel.

Milwaukee starts by using a high-grade forged steel for max durability and extended life. Then, they’ve gone and reinforced the edges to minimize wear over the life of the chisel.

Right off the bat, we could see the unusual shape of their flat chisels. While the typical SDS-Plus or SDS-Max chisel from Bosch features completely flat faces, Milwaukee uses a lot more surface area. The design looks like reinforcement that should help strengthen the entire surface of the chisel. Hilti has done this for years with a reinforced outside edge, but Milwaukee continued that concept through the very center of the bit. Time and testing will tell if this really helps these Milwaukee Sledge chisels last longer.

The Milwaukee Sledge family runs the gauntlet of styles, both in SDS-Plus and SDS-Max varieties. For pricing, this is what you’re looking at:

  • 48-62-6050 SDS-PLUS Sledge 10” Bull Point Chisel: $16.97
  • 48-62-6052 SDS-PLUS Sledge ¾” x 10” Flat Chisel: $19.97
  • 48-62-6056 SDS-PLUS Sledge 1-1/2” Scaling Chisel: $24.97
  • 48-62-4250 SDS-MAX Sledge 16” Bull Point Chisel: $18.97
  • 48-62-4252 SDS-MAX Sledge 1” x 16” Flat Chisel: $18.97
  • 48-62-4087 SDS-MAX Sledge 3” Scaling Chisel: $29.99

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