Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack Review

Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack Review

Let’s face it, heading out to your property or jobsite just to change trail camera batteries sucks, especially when you have the convenience of a cell-connected camera such as the Moultrie Edge Pro. Adding a Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack can reduce some of your frustration. Plus, they can power more than just game cameras.


  • Can maintain cameras with as little as 15 minutes of direct sun per day
  • Battery can support cameras up to 5 weeks with little sun
  • Includes what you need to connect cameras or feeders from multiple brands
  • IP65 ingress rating


  • A metal mount would hold up over time better than plastic

Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack Options

Solar Panel

There are two solar packs to choose from: 3.4 watts or 10 watts. Which one you need depends on what you’re powering and what part of the country you’re in.

Before we get too far into it, you need to understand solar panel efficiency. The wattage gives you an indication of how much power a solar panel can transfer in perfect conditions. Spoiler alert, you never get perfect conditions.

We’re based in central Florida, and we typically see 80% solar efficiency during the summer. It drops down as far as 60% in the winter. For the 10W Power Pack we’re using, we can reasonably expect 6.0 – 8.0 watts of charging power during the peak of the day.

If we switch over to the 3.4W Power Pack, that’s roughly 2.0 –2.7 watts. That might not sound like much, but it’s actually quite relevant.

The smaller panel only needs about 40 minutes of full sun per day to maintain a Moultrie Edge camera. The larger panel needs just 15 minutes. As long as you set up where the panel can capture a couple of hours of midday sun or more, you’ll have more than enough for your cameras.

But what about when a weather system moves through, and you have heavy cloud cover for a few days?

Onboard Battery

The 10W model has a 15,000mAh lithium battery onboard—enough to power a typical game camera for up to 5 weeks without any direct sunlight.

The 3.4W model includes a 10,000mAh battery that can keep you going for about 3 weeks.

Choosing the Right Model

Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack on Feeder

So, which one is right for your property?

I’m a fan of having more power than you need, so I prefer the 10W. If you’re powering a feeder, I’d definitely go with the 10W, even though the 3.4W can do the job in some cases.

If you’re in the southwest or other areas that get a lot of sun, you can comfortably go with the 3.4W for your cameras. Otherwise, go with the 10W.

Moutlrie has some map-based guidance to help you decide. They recommend the 3.4W model for areas with 3000 – 3400 hours of annual sun. If you get less than that or your mounting situation puts the panel in partial shade, go with the 10W.

Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack Design Notes

Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack Contents

Even if the camera or feeder you want to power isn’t from Moultrie, the Power Packs can still work. The camera cable that comes in the box works with multiple brands, and there’s a barrel jack adapter to cover the others.

For feeders, simply use the alligator clip adapter instead.

As long as the device you’re powering is 6V or 12V, the power supply has you covered.

As you’d expect, Moultrie designed these units for outdoor use in tough environments. The cables are automotive grade with tight seals, and the panel/battery unit carries an IP65 ingress rating.

Inside the box, there’s also a tree strap and Flex Mount to help you set the panel in the optimal position to catch as much light as you can in each camera position.

Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack Price

The 3.4W Power Pack is $99.99 and the 10W model is $129.99. Both models include the solar panel with integrated battery, Flex Mount, tree strap, mounting screws, camera connection cable, barrel adapter, alligator clamps for feeders, and USB-A to USB-C cable for charging.

The Bottom Line

If you want to maximize the convenience of a cell-based trail camera or want to stop dealing with battery changes/recharges, a Moultrie Mobile Universal Solar Power Pack is the answer you’re looking for. They’re easy to set up, are built for long-term outdoor use, and help eliminate extra trips out to your camera locations.

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