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Neck Guard Ergonomic Neck Protector for Overhead Jobs

Protect Ya Neck with Neck Guard

If you’ve ever had to paint a ceiling, hang cabinets, rewire overhead lights, or anything else that requires extended periods of looking up while working overhead, you’d probably appreciate anything that could mitigate some of that neck fatigue. At least, that’s what Neck Guard is banking on. The neck protector provides a mesh cradle that supports your head to take the strain off your neck.

It’s like a Herman Miller Aeron Chair for your head…

How Does It Work?

The general design of the Neck Guard Neck Protector looks like a cross between a neck pillow and a pair of suspenders.

The business end of the neck protector is a mesh hammock that cradles your head and neck. When you lean your head back, it gives you a comfortable, ergonomically designed surface that works with your contours to support you in what could become, on a long enough timeline, a very uncomfortable position. The brand sees this product as a big help aimed at tradesmen in the painting, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry fields.

But, what if you don’t have your head leaned back? Will the neck support hit the floor without the weight of your head holding it in place? Nope, because the forward thinkers at the Neck Guard offices planned for this eventuality.

They’ve designed the neck protector with straps that hang down your front to clip to your pants. They look like suspenders, but instead of wrapping over your shoulders to keep your pants held up, they keep the Neck Protector held in place…although, considering how the design works, they probably do some inadvertent work in keeping your pants pulled up. So, you know, bonus.


You can pick up your own Neck Guard Neck Protector at It will run you $39.95, which pales in comparison to what your chiropractor will charge you to fix your sore and busted neck.

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