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The $130,000 World’s Most Expensive Toilet

Ever Use a $130,000 Toilet?

This Christmas, what I really regret is not buying my wife this $130,000 world’s most expensive toilet for her enjoyment. I mean, if you’re really going to demonstrate the maximum effect of a bling-centric life, how could you possibly pass up the opportunity to sit upon a crystal-studded throne from Lixil to do your business? How can you justify wasting that money, for example, on an Audio R8 instead of this prestigious toilet-du-jour marketed under the Inax brand?

Tokyo has the World’s Most Expensive Toilet

The world’s most expensive toilet (really, a novelty lavatory) was on display in Tokyo where, from the below video footage, seems to be very popular with the Japanese who were on-hand to check it out in person (the toilet, by-the-way was carefully protected behind glass so as to not allow any actual public, um… testing of the device).

The world’s most expensive toilet is fully automatic, both opening and closing on its own when the user approaches, and even providing a self-flushing and odor-eliminating and air freshening device that is integrated in to the tank itself. The toilet is also “designed to please the Japanese god of lavatories.” Now, I don’t believe in the Japanese god of lavatories, but I don’t understand why anyone would revere anything that would choose that as their moniker and manifestation. In either case, you can see the toilet in this video, but if you want to see it demoed you may have to actually purchase one yourself:

The Japanese seem to have, shall we say, a fascination with all things toilet. They have pioneered, or at least made commonplace, the heated seat, automatic lifting toilet seats, musical accompaniment, and automatic scenting systems. This scene from Cars 2 seems to really capture the ethos of the Japanese toilet.

Now THAT’S a toilet! Would you buy the world’s most expensive toilet if you had the money?

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