Bosch Sandwich Tuckpointing Diamond Blades Preview

Bosch Sandwich Tuckpointing Diamond Blades Preview

We got to try out some new Bosch Sandwich Tuckpointing Diamond Blades at their 2011 Bosch Press Event and they were absolutely quick at pulling out old mortar (in fact, they were fast at chewing out NEW mortar). Every brick or stone building in North America will meet the tuckpointer at some point to cut, clean and repair old mortar.  Deteriorating mortar leads to water seepage, which can ruin the structural integrity of a building. This critical application demands high-quality, long-lasting diamond tuckpointing blades that can withstand a harsh environment.  And Bosch has a brand new cost-efficient answer that takes the place of homemade stacked “dado-blade” tuckpointing blades.

Edit: Check out the Bosch V-Groove diamond blades used for cutting small concrete expansion joints.

Bosch Sandwich Tuckpointing Diamond Blades

By combining tall segments and a superior diamond/metal mix with an ultra-efficient and fast sandwich-blade design, Bosch has created long-lasting tuckpointing blades that are designed to grind more surface area than competitive blades. The addition of 4-1/2″ and 5″ diameter sandwich blades gives the company a broad offering for use in hand-held grinders.

Bosch Sandwich Tuckpointing Diamond Blades

These eight-segment blades are made exclusively for dry tuckpointing applications.  Blade widths are 6.35 mm (1/4″) with cutting depths ranging from .75″ for 4″ blades to 1.25″ for 5″ blades.  Typical applications for tuckpointing blades include mortar removal in brick buildings and grout removal in commercial tile applications that include waste water treatment plants and subway tunnels.

Bosch Sandwich Tuckpointing

Bosch talked to tuckpointing professionals from across the U.S. and Canada to develop the aggressive design to ensure a high-quality, fast and reliable blade every time. Bosch combined copper, iron, nickel and cobalt hard-bond metal powders with high-grade diamonds to create hardened 10 mm segments. These blades have high-diamond content to cut mortar efficiently and ample keyhole gullets to remove discarded cement and other debris.

Bosch sandwich tuckpointing diamond blades are available now at distributors and home centers. For more information please visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.

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