FilterSnap AC Filters by Mail Review

When FilterSnap contacted us about reviewing their service we weren’t sure if that was up our alley or not. After some consideration, however, the getting FilterSnap AC filters by mail sounded like something that might be worth the time of any Pro (or consumer for that matter) who wants to pay a little extra to avoid the hassle of not only remembering to change their AC filters, but also having to buy them at the store every few months.

FilterSnap AC Filter Service

This review is going to be a simple one as the FilterSnap AC filter replacement service is both easy to understand and use. The customer visits the FilterSnap website and signs up for an AC filter service plan. You order your filter(s) and FilterSnap sends them to you at the intervals you select. That’s pretty much it.

filtersnap order process

There’s a simple four-step process to ordering filters. You first select the filter size(s) you need. FilterSnap supports virtually any size AC filters from 10×20 up to 25×30. Filter thicknesses can be 1-inch, 2-inch, or 4-inch.

Next, you select the type or quality of filter you want as well as how often you want to change the filter (every 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months). FilterSnap has three basic filter plans levels or types, and pricing is based on the size and thickness of filter you selected in the first step:

Basic AC Filters

This is a filter with a MERV rating of 8. That’s a filter that’s similar to a 1200 microparticle performance rating (MPR) from 3M, an FPR 4 filter from The Home Depot, or a NaturalAire standard filter.

Standard AC Filters

This is a filter with a MERV rating of 11. That’s a filter that’s similar to a 1500 microparticle performance rating (MPR) from 3M, an FPR 7 filter from The Home Depot, or a NaturalAire Microparticle (red) filter.

Ultimate AC Filters

This is a filter with a MERV rating of 13. That’s a filter that’s similar to a 1900 microparticle performance rating (MPR) from 3M, an FPR 9 filter from The Home Depot, or a NaturalAire MERV 13 (blue) filter.

FilterSnap next asks you where you want the filters sent, and this is where you set up your FilterSnap account with your email and password. This lets you go in and adjust your filters or account at any time.

Finally, you enter in your credit card information, and you’re all set to get FilterSnap AC filters by mail. The AC filters arrive via mail and you install them with your automatic reminder.

FilterSnap Stated Guarantees

FilterSnap insists that satisfaction with its products and services are guaranteed and will replace your filter if you ordered the wrong size, or if the filter arrives in damaged condition. Even if you simply decide you’re not happy with the service, they’ll cancel your order and refund your money. That’s not a bad way to run a business, and it gives some peace of mind for consumers wanting to try it out for themselves.

Using the FilterSnap AC Filters by Mail Service

The filter we ordered arrived within a week and came via Parcel Select Ground. This is a hybrid service that uses both UPS and the USPS to lower delivery costs when speed isn’t an issue. The advantage is that you get better tracking than with standard USPS and the consumer can save on shipping costs. In the case of getting FilterSnap AC filters by mail this means they can ship them for less money. This lowers the overall price to you.

What else can I really say? I went through the order process with ease. My filter arrived safe and sound, and I installed it in my system. I’m on the 3 month plan, so my next filter should be due next month. I genuinely like that I don’t need to remember anything. Both the purchase of the filter and the reminder to replace it are built right into the FilterSnap AC Filters by mail system.

You’ll pay roughly 40% more than if you pick up these filters locally, but you can’t beat the convenience. That’s worth considering, and many consumers will find it to be more than a sufficient reason to move forward.

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