June 15, 2021

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Hilti Tools on Demand Scales Tool Leasing for Businesses

Hilti tools on demand

What if you could scale your business’ tool inventory to match your current job site needs? Hilti apparently thought that idea had some merit and created the Hilti Tools on Demand program. Rather than leave tools sitting in your warehouse or tool crib, or moving them around projects and job sites, Hilti offers a new workflow option. Hilti tailors this service for their Fleet customers.

Who Does Hilti Tools on Demand Target?

Obviously, this program targets larger companies with simultaneous projects. If you’re running a couple of concrete crews, Hilti Tools on Demand likely won’t make as much sense. For those running hundreds of tools across multiple commercial job sites, however—fasten your seat belts.

One of the ways businesses lose money is by hanging onto too much inventory or repeatedly moving tools from job site to job site. You can either have more tools on a location than you need or you find yourself easting resources, time, and manpower transporting them across town.

Hilti Tools on Demand vs Rentals

This program is only one part of what Hilti offers. There are actually three ways in which Hilti meets the needs of companies:

Tool Fleet Management

  • For the tools you use consistently
  • Lowest monthly rate
  • Term: Years

Tools On Demand

  • For the tools you use seasonally
  • An innovative, new service for Fleet customers
  • Term: Months

Hilti Rental Tools

  • For the tools you use infrequently
  • Call 1-800-950-6654 to find a rental outlet near you
  • Term: Days

How Does the Tools on Demand Program Work?

The Hilti Tools On Demand program works through Activation, Tooling Up, Tooling Down, and Using their Repair Program.


Preparation for the program involves executing a Fleet Management agreement and qualifying for the Tools On Demand program. After this, you can request tools for any short-term project or job. You literally call Hilti at 800-879-8000 and place a Tools On Demand order. The tools take between 3 and 5 business days and arrive directly at the job site. Usage fees are monthly and they let you pay for the tools only when they are in your possession.

Tool Up

So what if you find you need more tools? Or what if a new project comes online? Simple. When you start a new project, or a project grows in scope and needs more tools, you can “Tool UP” to meet those needs. The idea, however, banks on pre-planning. While Hilti can send more tools in an “emergency”, the goal is to work with a Hilti account manager to get ahead of project scope changes.

Tool Down

When wrapping up a project, the Tools On Demand Tool Down process involves shipping back tools to Hilti when they are no longer needed. Getting them off the project is simple. You just contact the Hilti Tool Services team via phone or email and let them know what tools you need to Tool DOWN. They then provide you with shipping labels to return the tools.

Tool Repair

Tools do occasionally break. If that happens on the job site, Hilti will ship a replacement tool. Typically, that tool will arrive the next business morning. They then provide a return shipping label for the broken tool so it can be returned for repair. You keep the replacement tool until the Tool Down process when it gets returned.

What Tools are Eligible for Hilti Tools on Demand?

Tools across all of Hilti’s areas of expertise are included in the program. This currently includes 16 measuring tools; 12 diamond coring and sawing tools, 18 cordless tools; 17 grinders, vacuums, and saws; 16 drilling & demolition tools; and 19 direct fastening tools.

What We Think

There’s a lot of merit in a system like this. Tool rental is nothing new. The truth is—lots of money and time is wasted on commercial job sites in the form of poor planning, over- and under-inventory. Eliminating the costs of moving tools from site to site can maximize productivity and increase profit. This is way more than simply ordering an extra Hilti 22V reciprocating saw.

This program won’t be for everyone—but it does make a lot of sense for larger workforces. It fills a great gap between renting tools for short-term use and owning tools as part of a fleet program.

You can get more info here.

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